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Kingg Bucc Introduces New Visual '2009 & Beyond'

Kingg Bucc Introduces New Visual '2009 & Beyond'

Kingg Bucc introduces new visual for "2009 & Beyond," which arrives after release of his latest EP, Swiper Season.

Watch"2009 & Beyond" below!

Born in Haiti, Kingg Bucc spent a few years in The Bahamas, and was raised in Miami's Little Haiti and Victory Park. His infectious melodies, clever punchlines, and over the top personality grabs your attention solidifying his spot as one of the most amazing and interesting lyricists to come out of Miami. Before he decided to take music seriously, Kingg Bucc built his name in the streets. "There's the black market and then there's the street market! Anyone from the hood knows that if you want something, there are ways to get it," shares Bucc. "I was interested in producing and swiped some computer equipment, a keyboard, and MPC. At the time I had no idea how to use them, but I knew the producers who I looked up to - Kanye and Timbaland - created their early tracks on an MPC so I knew the equipment was top of the line."

Kingg Bucc moved to Atlanta in 2016. While Florida and Georgia are bordering states, for Kingg Bucc, that border represented a life-altering decision. "If I stayed in Miami, I would be either in jail or dead! I lost a lot of homies to the streets and life sentences! The streets are overrated!" One of his partners who helping him out with music, suggested he make the move to Atlanta. "The vibe in Miami and Atlanta is different. Almost everybody in Atlanta is from somewhere else so it's a more of a networking vibe. It's about who you know, who you're connected with, and the moves you're making" explains Bucc. "My boy Shotta kept telling me about The Crown and DaDa. Once I got out of my situation, DaDa introduced me to DJ Hardwerk. I signed to The Crown/Atlantic Records and together we're building my kinggdom!"

Kingg Bucc is marking the beginning of the Swipe Life era with the recent release of his SWIPER SEASON EP via The Crown Recordings/Atlantic Records. The EP was produced by Grammy nominated producer DJ Hardwerk (Cardi B, Major Lazer, Camila Cabello). "Big Shot" served as the first single to be released from the SWIPER SEASON EP

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