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Katrina (from Katrina & The Waves) Announces Release of New Studio Album

Katrina (from Katrina & The Waves) Announces Release of New Studio Album

Katrina from Katrina & The Waves releases her new album Hearts, Loves & Babys on Friday 28th August through her own label.

Pre-order link for the album is:

Drive is the first new track to be released from the album on Friday 24th July. The single is to be aired for the first time on The Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2 at 11.15am on Friday 24th July.

Hearts, Loves & Babys, is a deeply personal look into Katrina's world. Katrina has written nine of the ten tracks dealing with a host of topics from life, love, relationships and bereavement to the simple pleasures of jumping into the car and hitting the open road. The passion Katrina brings to each track makes this an exceptional and compelling collection with songs that the audience will be able to relate too.

"Oh yes," Katrina commented, "I was digging deep. I'm a very private person but a strong person with a bit of a soft core. I think some of that probably came out - kind of surprised me. Sometimes it's painful to go there. I don't want to think about death, I want to think about something fun to cheer me up. I was dreaming about a road trip. One of my absolute favourite things is just to drive and not even have a plan." Although written and recorded ahead of the Coronavirus lockdown, Katrina sees Drive, the first new track to be released from the album, as a bit of escapism, something to aspire to as the world slowly recovers.

I Want to Love Again is a great feel-good dance track and was submitted for Eurovision 2020 and Beyond Love is a ballad in a country vein, while Holiday has a tongue-in-cheek anthemic quality.

Katrina remembers her late mother in two tracks. Move On deals with her mother's final moments. "It was tough, writing that... Sometimes people hang on through a lot of pain. I call it a death-bed lullaby, sitting at the side of the bed with someone saying, 'It's OK to move on.'" By contrast, Crazy Mama paints a portrait of a larger than life character. "That was fun to write! I just turned her up to 11 and exaggerated all the wonderfully crazy things about my Mother." Katrina takes a close look at family relationships with Who We Are. Every Step is a love song with the energy of Walking On Sunshine and the album closes with the epic tale Willing, a classy track inspired by the writing of John Steinbeck.

Hearts, Loves & Babys - Track listing:

1. Drive (Katrina Leskanich, Darren Loveday)

2. Who We Are (Katrina Leskanich, Nefertiti Jones)

3. Crazy Mama (Katrina Leskanich)

4. Move On (Katrina Leskanich)

5. Holiday (Katrina Leskanich)

6. I Want to Love Again (Katrina Leskanich, Darren Loveday)

7. Beyond Love (Katrina Leskanich)

8. I Can't Give You Anything but Love (Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields)

9 Every Step (Katrina Leskanich, Darren Loveday)

10. Willing (Katrina Leskanich)

The album is produced by Katrina Leskanich & Darren Loveday in London with pre-production in New York by Jimi K Bones (Blondie).

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