Arcitc Monkeys iHeartRadio Live Series Wrap Up

Arcitc Monkeys iHeartRadio Live Series Wrap Up

The scene last night at the iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles was arctic madness for the Arctic Monkeys iHeartRadio Live series performance. The show, hosted by Alt 98.7's Trey Morgan, featured a Q&A, discussing their new album "AM." The event broadcasted live on-air as a 30-minute special on Clear Channel ALT and AAA radio stations, with a 60-minute live video stream online across station websites and

The performance featured eight songs off of their new album including: "Do I Wanna Know", "Snap Out of It," "R U Mine," "Arabella," "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High," "Knee Socks," "No. 1 Party Anthem," and "I Wanna Be Yours."

Trey opened the Q&A discussing how the band are social media pioneers and how they broke through utilizing social platforms. Alex Turner told the audience that they didn't really do anything differently. People discovered their music.

Trey also asked about any pre-show rituals. Alex told him that he had been tired so he just took a nap. He said that he's a big napper and it's hereditary, "My dad was a napper his dad was a napper. I take one most afternoons if I can."

Before performing the second half of their set list, Trey brought them back to 2001 when they first got their guitars. Alex said that Jamie told him he wanted to start a band called Arctic Monkeys.


Set list

1. Do I Wanna Know

2. Snap out of it

3. Arabella

4. Crying Lightning

5. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High

6. I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor

7. Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair

8. On the Run from the MI5

9. Knee Socks

10. No. 1 Party Anthem

11. Cornerstone

12. Fluorescent Adolescent

13. I Wanna Be Yours

14. R U Mine?

Photo Credit: Getty Images for iHeartRadio