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RAW GENERATION Presents Immunity Boosting Bundle and Other Delicious, Nutritious Plant-Based Items

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RAW GENERATION Presents Immunity Boosting Bundle and Other Delicious, Nutritious Plant-Based Items

Staying healthy is on everyone's minds these days and consuming fruits and vegetables is essential to wellness. Raw Generation has products that are sure to please and can help you achieve your best nutritional goals. As they say, "Greatness Starts Inside."

Raw Generation has recently bundled their Juice Variety Pack with the immune boosting power of their Turmeric Ginger Shots. Turmeric is considered an anti-inflammatory superfood and ginger is known to have antioxidant power. Raw Generation's Immunity Boosting Bundle contains 18 packs of Cold Pressed Juice and 20 packs of the Shots for $159.99. Products arrive at your home frozen for maximum freshness. Servings are simply thawed in your refrigerator, kept cold, and should then be consumed within 24 hours. Drinking a shot daily while incorporating one or more servings of nutrient-dense juice daily can help to promote a strong immune system. Put them in a cooler and take them along on your next picnic or hike.

Raw Generation's juices and shots have no artificial ingredients. They are raw, never high pressure processed or pasteurized. Because the fruit and vegetables' vitamins and nutrients occur naturally, you can get their maximum nutritional benefit.

We especially love the delicious, fresh tastes and perfect consistency of the Cold Pressed Juices and Turmeric Ginger Shots. Raw Generation takes great pride in their selection of ingredients and they create each their products to taste as good as they look. Get to know the Immunity Booster Bundle's selections!

Sweet Greens: Packed with the nutritional power of leafy spinach, kale, and collard greens, this energizing juice includes bright notes of lemon and apple for a clean, sweet taste.

Tarte Greens: This refreshing green juice is great for people who are sensitive to sweet juices. It's bursting with essential vitamins and minerals that support all-day energy and overall good health.

Sweet Roots Ingredients: Increase your root vegetable intake with this antioxidant-rich nutrient powerhouse. Carrot and apple come together to balance the earthiness of beet, creating a juice that's sweet enough to drink for dessert.

Citrus Carrot: A fusion of vitamin C-rich citrus juices, antioxidizing carrot juice, and anti-inflammatory ginger, this juice is perfect for supporting the immune system and keeping skin looking glowing and bright!

Cool Greens Ingredients: A sweet and refreshing juice, ideal for soothing the digestive system and supporting gut health- a cornerstone of strong immunity.

Turmeric Ginger Shot Ingredients: A combination of turmeric, ginger and cold-pressed fruit juice, plus black pepper to enhance the power of turmeric. This tiny bottle delivers potent immune-boosting superfoods in a convenient, straight-to-the-point 2 oz shot.

RAW GENERATION Presents Immunity Boosting Bundle and Other Delicious, Nutritious Plant-Based Items

In addition to their Immunity Boosting Bundle, Raw Generation also offers Skinny Cleanse, Protein Clense, Cold-pressed Juices, Cold-pressed Juices & Protein Smoothies, Raw Recovery, Caffeinated Energy Juices, Vanilla Cashew Smoothie, Keto Meal Shakes, Celery Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks, Immunity Shots, Immunity Shots 3-Flavor Variety, and Soups.

Check out Raw Generation by visiting their virtual store at and look for their latest savings. The company is expert at assisting people to enjoy plant- based diets and they are happy to answer your questions. You can contact them during their office hours from Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (EST). Call 732.305.2870, text 732.876.9373 or e-mail

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Raw Generation

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