Artistic Director Yvonne Ng, with guest curators Serge Bennathan and Cylla von Tiedemann, have released the trailer for princess productions' biennial dance: made in canada / fait au canada (d:mic/fac) festival, which runs August 14-17 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre in Toronto. Click below to watch!

The 45-second trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse of the exciting programming of the 2013 d:mic/fac, which features some of Canada's most inventive dance creators in three different MainStage Series - Benjamin Kamino (Montreal), William Yong (Toronto), Femmes du Feu (Toronto), Louis Laberge-Côté (Toronto), Gearshifting Performance Works (Winnipeg), Mocean Dance (Halifax), Blue Ceiling Dance (Toronto) - as well as a Late-Night 'What You See is What You Get' Series (with Jamee Valin of Vancouver and Toronto-based artists Amy Hampton, Shannon Litzenberger, skindivers Dance Company and Throwdown Collective). Arts Encounters, a visual art exhibit, community line dance, live video dance installation and other happenings round out the festival.

The d:mic/fac MainStage Series showcases a national spectrum of seven cutting-edge contemporary dance works from Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg, performed by 16 artists. Three world premieres and three Toronto premieres (and one remount) bounce between pure dance and interpreting conceptual ideas as varied artists explore their relationship to the world around them.

Wednesday, August 14, 7pm | Thursday, August 15, 9pm | Saturday, August 17, 7pm

Serge Bennathan, choreographer and Artistic Director of Vancouver's Les Productions Figlio, chose to juxtapose two distinct styles - one primal and unrestrained, the other controlled and technology-driven - but each tied to a personal belief/philosophy.

o TORONTO PREMIERE. The dynamic Benjamin Kamino / do what you can (Montreal, Quebec) performs an excerpt from Nudity. Desire. His solo embodies the theological framework of the "first nude" or "fall" as a potential origin of language and birthplace of desire as explored by contemporary philosophers Giorgio Agamben, Slavoj _i_ek and Erik Peterson.

o WORLD PREMIERE. Acclaimed choreographer/dancer William Yong (Toronto, Ontario) takes us to imaginary inner worlds through a fusion of biology and technology in his solo that utilizes real time technologies to create interactive visuals and sounds initiated by movement from the human body.

Wednesday, August 14, 9pm | Friday, August 16, 7pm | Saturday, August 17, 2pm

Named after the late, great lighting designer David Morrison, this series is curated by princess productions' Artistic Director Yvonne Ng who selected her artists for their unique approaches to understanding how we find reflections of ourselves in the outside world.

o WORLD PREMIERE. Holly Treddenick and Sabrina Pringle / Femmes du Feu (Toronto, Ontario) premiere The Water's Edge, an aerial dance work about a wise and all-knowing woman who lives on the moon and a mermaid just discovering how the moon and its mistress shape her world - a piece about how everything in the universe is connected.

o TORONTO PREMIERE. Jolene Bailie / Gearshifting Performance Works (Winnipeg, Manitoba) performs Hybrid Human. Based on sketches by Wanda Koop from the early 1990s, this ensemble work for five dancers explores a constructed notion of robots and ideas of disembodied experience, consciousness, creativity, alien intelligence and artificial life. Created in conjunction with Winnipeg Art Gallery's exhibition Wanda KoopŠ on The Edge of experience, it has also been performed at the National Gallery of Canada and Ottawa's National Arts Centre.

Thursday, August 15, 7pm | Friday, August 16, 9pm | Saturday, August 17, 9pm

Renowned performing arts photographer Cylla von Tiedemann was drawn to the way each of these works highlights the artistry of the performers as well as their deeply woven individual relationships with their choreographers.

o WORLD PREMIERE. Louis Laberge-Côte_ (Toronto, Ontario) choreographs and performs in ... et même après with life partner Michael Caldwell. An intimate duet that questions the opposition between distance and intimacy, it is based on a short study Laberge-Côte originally created for the Kevin O_Day Ballett Nationaltheater Mannheim in Germany while the two dancers lived in different countries for two years.

o TORONTO PREMIERE. Mocean Dance (Halifax, Nova Scotia) performs Canvas 5 x 5, a new work from lauded Tedd Robinson that intertwines a traditional maritime soundscape with striking contemporary imagery. Four dancers manipulate an over-sized canvas into whimsical and profound designs featuring Robinson's signature elegance and beauty.

o Lucy Rupert / Blue Ceiling Dance (Toronto, Ontario) performs The Speed of Our Vertigoes ¬- a poignant, wild and soaring reflection by a lone figure inside the brain of Albert Einstein, exposing the human vulnerability inside scientific discovery, fearlessly facing the theories and passions flickering between the synapses.

d:mic/fac also features a Late-Night Series of 10-minute works titled What You See Is What You Get. The choreographers, drawn by lottery, are Jamee Valin of Vancouver and Toronto-based artists Amy Hampton, Shannon Litzenberger, skindivers Dance Company and Throwdown Collective. The Late-Night Series runs Thursday August 15 and Friday August 16 at 11pm.
For information and tickets, call 416 533 8577 or visit online at