ISO Could Face New Musician Contract Negotiations If $5 Million Not Raised by Feb 3


According to the Associated Press, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has not yet raised the millions of dollars it needs to fulfill a contract with musicians made following a five-week lockout last September. The standstill began after the ISO told musicians it couldn't keep paying them at their current rates.

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On Tuesday, January 15, the orchestra reported it had raised $3.2 million of its $5 million goal. If the remainder of the funds are not raised, negotiations with the symphony's musicians will likely be forced to recommence.

The original deal was that a five-year contract would begin if the symphony raises $5 million by the end of its three-month fundraising campaign on February 3. Lead negotiator for the American Federation of Musicians Local 3 union Rick Graef stated the ISO could also lower the goal if they feel all right about the amount raised.

Martha Lamkin, president of the ISO board, said it would take "a lot of hard effort" but that she still thinks reaching the $5 million goal is possible. Many contributions are still being processed, and a $500,000 matching donation has not been added.