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'The Pathway to Dragons: The Portal to Pyranis' is Released

Twelve-year-old Hannah Hoffman couldn't stop smiling this September as she flipped through the first installment of her new chapter book series - "The Pathway to Dragons: The Portal to Pyranis." Between writing, editing, working with an illustrator and publishing the book, it has taken more than two years to bring her characters and fantasy to life. But if you ask Hannah, she will tell you, "it was worth the wait!" Others agree as initial reviews have been positive. The book has received a LitPick Five Star Book Review Award offering reviewer tidbits as follows:

"...a short, action-packed tale of true friendship and bravery."
"...the author wrote with such character and charm. The characters seemed to jump off the page and fly around me."
"Her backstory revealed in the end was a stroke of brilliance."

Comments from other children's authors include:

"Hannah takes the reader on a fantastical journey of dragons, family disappearances, sword-fighting, and friendship. She's an ambitious and colorful young writer with a promising career ahead of her. I can't wait to track her inevitable success!" - Stacy Davidowitz, author of Camp Rolling Hills.

"At her young age, Hannah Hoffman has proven she has the 'write' stuff to produce an adventurous novel full of friendship, adventure and heart." - Jen Calonita, author of Fairy Tale Reform School series.

Parents also approve of "The Pathway to Dragons," and that plays into Hannah's inspiring message to her young peers: "Write, read and never stop dreaming!"

Hannah is donating a portion of sales profits to two NJ charities with causes she loves - horses and reading - and both charities interact with children. The first is Special Strides: improving lives through equine assisted activities and therapies. The second is The Bridge of Books Foundation: donating books to underserved children across NJ to support the development of literacy skills and encourage a love of reading. Why? Books have the power to change lives and all kids should have books to call their own.

Any support you can give to these worthwhile charities will make a difference!

About the Book:

Nine-year-old Billy Jones dreams of having a pet dragon! After finding an odd book in the library titled The Pathway to Dragons, he and his two best friends, Maura and Roy, are off for a summer adventure at his Grandma Meg's beach house. Once there, strange events begin happening, and Billy is reminded that his Grandfather Hugo has been missing for many years. It's a family mystery. While strolling on the beach, the kids discover an underwater stone arch. They decide to swim through it, and...Whoosh! They are transported to a fantastical forest, with a view of castle ruins on a distant hill! There, they meet young Talia, and Billy learns that a dragon egg belonging to his family is about to hatch. But beware the dragon hunters!

About the Author:

Written for children by an author their age, Hannah Hoffman hopes to inspire other young dreamers. If she's not at the barn mucking stalls, or in Pyranis, you will most likely find her sitting at her desk, coming up with new adventures for Talia and Billy!

The Pathway to Dragons: The Portal to Pyranis
By: Hannah Hoffman,
Dog Ear Publishing
Publication Date: September 2016
ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-1-4575-4839-0
Prince: $8.95 - 72 pages, 10 interior illustrations

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