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With the introduction of serious marijuana reform and legalization in the United States going on right now, it is easy to get swept up in the hype of competing lobbying organizations. All kinds of facts and statistics that seem to contradict each other take their turns on the news and in legislative bodies.

"Lots of people still think cannabis does no harm," Ann Cluver-Weinberg said.

Cluver-Weinberg cautions anyone who thinks that marijuana is a safe drug in her memoir "The Danny Diaries," which describes her family's challenges during her son Danny's many years of mental illness.

"Danny was a very bright boy," Cluver-Weinberg said. "Then he grew too old too fast and was given cannibis by older boys that he was in bands with."

It seems that cannabis was the catalyst that triggered years worth of psychological break downs, hallucinations and episodes of violence. "The Danny Diaries" is a reflection of those times and the tremendous effort made by Danny's family in order to bring him out of those episodes.

"We gave him tough love and gave him simple tasks when his mind wasn't working properly," Cluver-Weinberg said. "Gradually, we required more and more of him until he improved and eventually became completely independent."

There are many endearing moments that match the instances of stress and confusion caused by Danny's condition. It goes to show that it pays off when a family sticks together.

"It was very difficult telling Danny that he couldn't come home from rehab when he was feeling lost and alone," Said Cluver-Weinberg. "I did everything I could to help him overcome this struggle. Now he is completely independent and is successful with his demanding job as a highschool teacher. I am very grateful and proud."

"The Danny Diaries"
By Ann Cluver-Weinberg
ISBN: 9781426916902
Available in softcover and e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Trafford

About the author
Ann Cluver-Weinberg is a resident of Johannesburg, South Africa, where she has published several books on topics ranging from poetry to social commentary. In "The Danny Diaries," she fuses her poetic prose and maternal attention-to-detail to create a thought-provoking memoir documenting the challenges of raising a troubled son.

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