Pulitzer Nominated Author and Civil Rights Activist Terry Angel Mason Featured in Connextions Magazine

Pulitzer Nominated Author and Civil Rights Activist  Terry Angel Mason Featured in Connextions Magazine

International author and LGBT advocate Terry Angel Mason has been making local and international headlines since the release of his first book, Love Won't Let Me Be Silent, a gripping tome that offered strategies to help parents, families, ministers, teachers and community leaders effectively understand and support gay teens, young adults, and people infected with HIV/AIDS.

Since his international debut, Mason has sparked worldwide dialogue about pressing issues affecting African Americans and the gay and lesbian community. A revered civil rights activist, blogger and columnist, Mason recently published an article about SB 48, (The Fair Education Act; a law that requires schools to include LGBT history), and denounced the black religious community's actions to overturn the bill, citing that their intolerance and support of inequality promotes more bullying, discrimination and violence in the gay community. The article received numerous responses and led him to being featured in the December issue of Connextion Magazine. View page 60 to read the full article: http://www.calameo.com/read/0003904676b6cb3a1a2a5.

A minister, speaker and global hero, Angel Mason has been garnering local and national praise for his latest literary release titled, They Say That I Am Broken, a powerful book aimed at spreading truth about the dangers and consequences of homophobia, hate, and inequality. A survivor of full-blown AIDS and cancer, Angel was selected as Real Health's Magazine Advocate of the Month, and will be featured in www.HealthyBlackMen.org for the month of December for World AIDS Day. Visit www.HealthyBlackmen.org to view the interview.

A beloved author, Mason's books have touched millions of lives and have been submitted for a Pulitzer Prize and numerous awards, including the Lambda Literary Award and the Stonewall Awards.

Mason's latest, highly anticipated release, They Say That I Am Broken is a gripping page-turner that deals with a plethora of issues affecting Same-Gender-Loving community, including homophobia in the Black Church, HIV, DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell), gay marriage, homeless gay children, and more. The book also features captivating articles about CNN anchor and author Don Lemon, The Los Angeles Lakers' basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, and much more. They Say That I Am Broken is poised to gain worldwide recognition as it affirms God's love for all people, and eloquently dissects race, religion and homosexuality through empowering essays, poems and stories.