Pastor Adam Meisberger Releases OUR PASSION, GOD'S POWER

Pastor Adam Meisberger Releases OUR PASSION, GOD'S POWER

In "Our Passion, God's Power" (published by CrossBooks), a new Christian-themed guidebook, author and pastor Adam Meisberger helps Christians who feel they are living unfulfilled lives regain their passion for the power of God.

Meisberger believes Christians are growing cold, losing faith and exhausting their power. "Our Passion, God's Power" is his effort to influence change and help Christians find revitalized, fulfilling lives through renewed, undying and full-fledged passion for God. Meisberger explains how there is much more to being a Christian than most people realize. He says, "God has given His people real and true power to transform."

An excerpt from "Our Passion, God's Power":

"All of God's word requires tender care. As we read the Bible, we must meditate upon and pray over each word, concept and statement. Through this approach, we will come to a greater understanding of the teachings of the Bible. But, let us not confuse our understanding of those truths with actually applying those truths to our lives. The knowledge must translate into application in our personal lives."

Meisberger believes people long for something greater than what they are currently experiencing, and he hopes to guide them to that greater fulfillment with "Our Passion, God's Power." "The Lord God is one of real and true power," he says. "His heart longs for his people to know and experience him for who he is. God is calling his people to hunger and thirst for his righteousness, and in turn they will be filled with his increasing power."

"Our Passion, God's Power"
By Adam Meisberger
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 160 pages | ISBN 9781462729289
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 160 pages | ISBN 9781462729265
E-Book | ISBN 9781462729272
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Adam Meisberger received his master of divinity degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2006. He is the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Reva, Va. Meisberger and his wife, Amy, live in Madison, Va., with their three children. "Our Passion, God's Power" is his first book.

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