New Memoir THE POTTER AND THE CLAY is Released

New Memoir THE POTTER AND THE CLAY is Released


Is it possible to be so lost that even God can't save you? That's what Ellis Lucas thought after living years in a downward spiral full of depression, drugs and a broken marriage. But he came to realize that God has faith in all of His creations, and He wasn't going to let Ellis spiral into the darkness any further. "The Potter and the Clay: Hard Pressed on Every Side, But Not Destroyed" is the story of Ellis Lucas' journey to salvation and an inspiring personal testimony to the love, power and grace of God.

Ellis Lucas was a lost soul on a path of destruction. He battled depression for years, drank heavily, became addicted to drugs, almost lost his life in a house fire, crashed his car in a violent wreck, ruined his marriage, separated himself from his children and dug himself deeper into debt. He needed salvation, but he did not know where to find it. After being imprisoned on a drug bust, Ellis was ready for change. "The Potter and the Clay" details Ellis' transformation as he began noticing God's signs around him-signs that had been there all along. Ellis surrendered himself and let God guide him where he was meant to go.

Ellis Lucas found his way to salvation, remarried and is now teaching the word of God through ministry work. Ellis' remarkable journey as told in "The Potter and the Clay" is one that will inspire everyone who has ever felt lost and incapable of redemption. The book is a wonderful testament to the strength of God's love and the beautiful consequences of being open to that love.

"The Potter and the Clay" is available everywhere books are sold.

About the Author
Ellis Lucas currently lives with his wife Peggi in Colorado Springs, Colo., where he is the president of His Song Evangelistic Outreach Ministries. Ellis travels around the country speaking at churches and events. He has spent the past several years organizing outreach events for churches as well as large-scale, citywide evangelical crusades called the Celebration Life Festival & Crusades.