Marvin L. Yoder Answers Questions on THE GALENA NUCLEAR PROJECT

Marvin L. Yoder Answers Questions on THE GALENA NUCLEAR PROJECT

PALMER, Alaska

Having been an integral part of the "The Galena Nuclear Project" (published by Xlibris) since its inception, author Marvin L. Yoder now answers questions as to what happened to the Galena Nuclear Reactor, complete with viable solutions to the pressing demand for society's energy sources.

The City of Galena and the Toshiba Nuclear Division started a project to investigate the potential of locating a small nuclear reactor in Galena, Alaska. This book then chronicles the steps taken to evaluate the reality of doing so. The project has been a way to the realization of the use of small modular reactors (SMRs) - that can be useful energy sources for places not yet reached by electricity.

Even if the project was not completed, with the reasons stated herein, the potentials it showed the world will be a springboard for other studies to examine the viability and effectiveness of SMRs. Pointing out the greatest potential for SMRs being with the reactors designed for "off grid" applications rather than reactors that supplement the existing electrical grid, Yoder's "The Galena Nuclear Project" is one of a kind book that discusses a great potential to provide a leap in discoveries and innovations to achieve overall nuclear solution to today's energy needs.

"The Galena Nuclear Project"
By Marvin L. Yoder
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 66 pages | ISBN 9781499020311
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 66 pages | ISBN 9781499020342
E-Book | 66 pages | ISBN 9781499020274
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About the Author
Marvin L. Yoder's career was primarily in management. Yoder has worked in administration for municipal governments for more than 25 years, with most of those being small, isolated communities. Additionally, Yoder also managed fish processing plants for about 10 years and for a brief time managed a resort. He is now retired and lives in Palmer, Alaska with his wife, Patsy.

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