LACKING LIPS OF TIME Reveals Deeper Sensuality

Shaghayegh "Sharon" Farsijani's new book of multicultural poetry, "Lacking Lips of Time," is imbued with her experiences of growing up in two entirely different cultures, living in some of the world's biggest and most diverse cities, working as a television reporter and a late-night radio talk show host in Iran, and living the corporate lifestyle back in the United States.

"As long as you know who you are, you don't have to be afraid to express it; being taken from New York City to Iran was an extreme culture shock, but all I needed was to be strong and smile - I ultimately had a blast through my journey," says Farsijani, who spent her teen years in Iran.

"My time in Iran as a young, attractive and westernized woman was challenging to say the least, and I wouldn't trade my time and the lessons I learned there for a simpler teenage life. One lesson was that, despite how different the rules are there for women and girls there, we all really have more in common than not."

Farsijani's former residences include New York City, Tehran, France and Southern California, among other locations.

The book's multicultural poetry is a stretched and deep dive into a starry, earthy and surrealist world of joy; these streams of poems act to open a gate to the sensuous tropical lines of the soul, she says.

For readers, the book offers a time to put on spectacles of intense passion, to discover provocative and emotional states described through images and poignant associations, to step into the mystery without forgetting to enjoy the wonder, she says.

"... Her poems literally take you outside of time with her extraordinary command of words ... splashed against unsuspecting everyday nouns and verbs," writes Boyd Willat, founder of Govinowine, Dayrunner and Sensa. "Now spin all this fresh air to your imagination and plant love, relationships and longing in the garden of her poems and you can read and reread her works to discover not only her message, but the message in you that has ever shyly been waiting to reveal itself to you. An artesian of private pleasure ..."

Amazon reviewer Farnaz gave her multicultural poetry five stars:
"'Lacking Lips of Time' is a collection of very visual poetry. Words playfully dance to a tune of romance, all under the command of love. The reader is left to his or her own devices to wander through a mysterious field that is Shaghayegh Farsijani's poetry. A pleasure to read!"

About Shaghayegh "Sharon" Farsijani

Shaghayegh "Sharon" Farsijani has a cultural background that is as diverse as her poetry is sensual. She started life in Brooklyn, N.Y., and then moved to Tehran with her father, a native Iranian who wanted her to experience the culture of her ancestors. She eventually made her way to California, then to Paris and finally New York City again. After working as a reporter, graduating with her MBA and traveling extensively, she embarked on a journey to write with a deeper focus, culminating in her first book of poetry.

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