Former Iranian Child Suicide-Mission Soldier Writes Tell-All Book About His Experiences in Islamic Revolution

LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ Enlisted as a child soldier in the Iranian Revolution of the early 1980s, Essi Bagheri ( recently published his experiences in a new memoir: "Suicide Mission to Human Connection: the True Story of a Child Soldier." The heart-wrenching account takes Essi from the horrors of a childhood battlefield to later fleeing from Iran for his life, landing in Canada and the subsequent years-long struggle back to sanity that followed.

"In the beginning we only knew that the war had come - that Iraqi troops had invaded our home, and that God was recruiting soldiers to fight for and protect His land."

"Our first night on the front line and we were sneaking up toward the enemy with our Type 56 Assault Rifles. Within minutes one of our trio stepped on a landmine - one second, he was there, the next, gone forever - away to try his key at the gate … and the fear was palpable then, soaking through the BDUs, and my hands were clammy and slipping on that trigger. I wanted to go home. I hated war. I was afraid."

The road back from that terrible descent into madness and war is the focus of Essi Bagheri's story. Working now to help others fight through whatever darkness might threaten their lives, Bagheri offers up his own harrowing experience as a poignant object lesson.

"Before the war it was quiet. Peaceful. And we were restless with the peace, my two friends and I, restless because we were fourteen and we knew we were under siege. We hadn't heard of the 1975 Algiers Agreement, didn't understand the concept of liberty, we'd - I'd - never been faced with the prospect of liberty, in all its weight, and what I might do with it. What it might do to me. That would come later," - From Essi Bagheri's memoirs.

"One of the great miracles of existence is that I wake up every day, despite everything that has happened to end my life. My mission now is to inspire other people to do the same - to wake up to the beauty that is their existence. This book is my truth, it is the beginning of that."

About Essi Bagheri

Essi Bagheri is an author, motivational speaker and humanitarian. Born in Iran and trained as a child soldier, Bagheri later fled to the west as a refugee. Working through misery and addiction, Bagheri spent years struggling back toward the light. As a motivational speaker, Essi Bagheri hopes to be of service, to help others find the will to fight back through various obstacles in their own lives: whether it be depression, addiction or despair. Learn more at:


Essi Bagheri

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