EL CORDERO AL MATADERO Captures Hope, Strength and Resilience of Boxers

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A particular blog in the internet states that, "Boxing is about more than just how many opponents you can knock out. It's not a way of life, but a way you view your life and the world around you." But how much do people understand about this perception? Do they have a concrete grasp of how boxers live their life and those close to them? Author Pete Delohery provides a glimpse into the world of boxing and what life in the ring is like in his new book, "EL CORDERO AL MATADERO", a powerful novel about love and courage, sin and redemption.

Mike McGann is 32, old for a boxer, and he has promised his wife Madge one too many times that this is positively his last bout. So when she finds out that Mike is slated to fight Rufus Hilliard, nicknamed "Hurricane" for the force of his punches, Madge walks out. Boxing was Hillard's means of escape from the Brooklyn slums, but he is a lot smarter than the menacing thug his sleazy manager makes him pretend to be for the media. Hillard suspects that he is being set up to lose the McGann fight and he is right. His cornerman, Charlie O'Conell, a compulsive gambler and alcoholic, is being leaned on by a loathsome gangster known as the Fat Man to doctor Hillard's water and incapacitate him. Will Charlie do it? Which will triumph in the ring: McGann's experience or Hillard's raw strength?

Set against the vividly rendered backdrop of professional boxing, author Pete Delohery's hard-bitten yet generous-spirited novel titled "EL CORDERO AL MATADERO" focuses on these three men at crossroads in their lives.The answers to the questions aren't as important as the moving portraits Delohery creates of these men, each damaged by a brutal world, who all flee from their personal demons toward the only imperfect redemption available to them: victory in a fight.

This heartfelt tale makes a powerful emotional impact. Author Pete Delohery provides a glimpse into the world of boxing and what life in the ring is like in "EL CORDERO AL MATADERO." It will make readers realized that prize fights are people with problems outside the ring. The personal problems presented in this story are unique and its ending is both thrilling and surprising.

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