CN Times Inc. Launches Reservoir Square Books

CN Times Inc. Launches Reservoir Square Books

NEW YORK, NY - CN Times Inc. today announced the launch of Reservoir Square Books, a new imprint through which it will expand its publishing program to include books from all corners of the globe.

Reservoir Square Books is committed to publishing stimulating, enlightening, and entertaining nonfiction across a range of subjects including American and world history, business, politics, memoir, pop culture, and current affairs. The imprint plans to release its first titles in fall 2015.

The company's first imprint, CN Times Books, was established in 2013 to specialize in works that explore Chinese history, philosophy, culture, and current events, including translations of books published by CN Times Inc's parent company, Beijing Mediatime Books, and other Chinese publishers.

CN Times Books' first release, China Threat?, garnered attention from many major media outlets including Bloomberg TV and Forbes when published last summer. The publisher's list continues to grow and attract positive reviews from both trade and consumer media and the new imprint reflects a desire to build on this strength explains VP, Associate Publisher, Paul Harrington:

"We have used the metaphor of a bridge to describe our publishing program from the start and a bridge obviously has two sides, so CN Times Books is the eastern and Reservoir Square Books is the western side of that bridge. We hope that by bringing content to readers about both sides of the globe we more effectively narrow the long standing cultural gap between them."

The new imprint gets its name from CN Times Inc.'s location on Manhattan's famed 5th Avenue across from the iconic main branch of the New York Public Library and Bryant Park, which were built upon the old Croton Distributing Reservoir and Reservoir Square.

"Seeing this treasured literary landmark every day inspires us as we work to build a program that will be a reservoir of ideas and information," says editor, Karen Holt.

Both CN Times Books and Reservoir Square Books are distributed by The Ingram Publisher Services, the worlds largest content distributor.