Blythe Lipman Releases 'Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions'

Blythe Lipman Releases 'Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions'

Blythe Lipman's latest parenting guidebook, Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions, has been well-received since its release in May. This guide comes as a follow-up to the popular Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions, and helps parents not only survive, but also enjoy raising toddlers.

Blythe hosts Baby Instructions, a radio show designed to reach out to everyday parents and give them practical information on childcare. The show (and Blythes books) covers such diverse topics as acupuncture, widowhood, and how to keep relationships from crumbling with a young child. In addition to hosting her own show, Blythe is a popular guests on other radio programs, including Talk of the Town and The Breakfast Crew.

Blythe was also recently featured in an article on how to get babysitters on-board with discipline strategies. She gives hands-on, step by step advice for establishing routines with babysitters, and explains why consistency is important. Her work was again spotlighted in South Jersey Mom this month.

What people are saying about Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions:

"Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions is a great book for new and second-time parents. Its advice is very thorough, giving multiple suggestions on a myriad of infant topics. As the author points out, there are many different ways to raise your child and usually, if your child is happy, you are doing it right."
- Craig Primack, M.D.

Raising children is a serious business, especially in this era of two working parents with jam-packed schedules. A helping hand can make all the difference. Just think of your life without marker on the wall and food being thrown at the worst possible moments. Nationally known parenting expert Blythe Lipman is on a mission to help parents, offering hundreds of practical tips with a dash of humor. Go from stressed-out, overwhelmed and exhausted to meltdown free and mellow! Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions provides parents with quick solutions to help with those hair-raising toddler issues. When some new "toddler troubles" arise, parents can grab the book and soon be back in control and ready for whatever else their toddler might throw at them.

Learn how to:

*Deal with toddlers' fears, from night terrors, stranger anxiety, monsters and separation anxiety
*Curb toddlers' aggressive behavior
*Travel with a toddler
*Prepare for the transition to preschool and how to select the best one
*Introduce a toddler to her new baby sibling

An Infant Care Specialist, Blythe Lipman, CDA, has worked with babies for over twenty years. She began her career at Boston University's Neonatal Care Unit. Blythe has helped countless new, sleep-deprived parents with workshops, in-home visits, invaluable tips, and sound advice. Her work with parents, preschools, hospitals, and caregivers throughout North America earned her a reputation as one of the top infant care experts of today. She and her family live in Scottsdale, AZ.