Author R Frederick Riddle Announces 2013 Prices for Novels

Author R Frederick Riddle Announces 2013 Prices for Novels

Epic author R Frederick Riddle, known primarily as an author of Bible-based fiction, has long believed that given the current economic conditions people should not have to pay full retail prices for anything, much less his books. It was this thinking that originally caused him to establish his own website and offer discount pricing.

While already offering discount pricing prior to Christmas, he determined that he wanted to offer a deeper Christmas discount to be followed by a more permanent discount in the New Year. Below is the new pricing schedule.

The soft cover copies of both books retail for $ 29.95, the new price is $ 22.95. This is a savings of $ 7.00. The hard cover copies normally retail for $ 34.95, but are now $ 27.95, also a $ 7.00 savings.

In addition, the special set of both books, which would normally sell for $ 59.90, will now be sold for $ 42.95, a whopping savings of $ 16.95. No where else is this Combo offered.

All discounts are exclusive with the R Frederick Riddle website. As in the past, he continues to give free shipping (no minimum order) and he autographs each book.

In addition to his books, Mr. Riddle continues to offer his Riddle's Point of View Newsletter as a free service. This newsletter has grown in the past year in its coverage of creation, evolution, and current events. Along this same theme is his blog, Riddle's World. His Blog Talk Radio program, the R Frederick Riddle Show, covers news and current events.