All the Right Lies: The Conservative War on Truth and the American Idea Now Available

In All the Right Lies: The Conservative War on Truth and the American Idea, author Buck Beasom shows the overwhelming evidence for climate changes and shows how the Far Right knowingly lies about these facts for political gain.

“There really isn’t and credible scientist, responsible political figure, or sane person who does not recognize the reality of climate change, or the role of human activity in causing it”, says Beasom.  Giving numerous examples of the many situations in which the American people have been directly lied to, knowingly, by the GOP, Beasom also points to the countless situations where the Right has lauded those who destroy the environment, refusing to punish them and apologizing when they’ve been pressured into doing so.

Beasom also uses the tobacco companies’ behavior in the past as an example of the way that health and environment are given second place to big companies by the GOP and the Far Right.  He reminds us how the government issued cigarettes to the GIs in WWII to garner a ready-made group of nicotine addicts for Big Tobacco when the soldiers returned to the States.  In the same way, today, the Far Right knowingly denies client change to benefit Big Business.  Beasom says, “Unfortunately, where climate change is concerned, we are in tobacco’s 1950’s of awareness, and it’s 1930’s in terms of impact”.

“The American Right is a movement based on the idea that people will willingly and happily embrace lies, and is promoted by people who are more than willing to tell them”, writes Beasom.  Although controversial, All the Right Lies: the Conservative War on Truth and the American Idea is an absolutely crucial read for anyone wanting to understand the current political climate and how we got there.  Providing hard-hitting evidence for the real agenda  of the Far Right, Beasom calls them out on their deceit and half-truths, and gives readers plenty of reason to question the Far Right narrative so frequently promoted on Fox News and conservative Talk Radio.

A native of upstate New York, Buck Beasom taught Business and Accounting at the Rochester Institute of Technology for more than a decade, as well as spent five rewarding years as a history teacher for middle school students. Beasom holds a B.S. in Management Science (Summa Cum Laude) and an MBA in Accounting, and he is a member of MENSA. A Navy veteran, he is also a long-time student of politics, American history, and European history. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida, with his wife of more than 30 years.

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