BWW Interview: Artist Kathy Wilson Pignatora

BWW Interview: Artist Kathy Wilson Pignatora

Kathy Wilson Pignatora is an artist.
Her artwork is stunning. Her store is as well. Let's chat with her a bit.

MCL: When did Art Start for you? How did it come about?
:I grew up in Niagara-on-the-Lake and feel I was very early influenced in my life by the arts (both performing and visual). Expressive painting didn't come until later in my adult life. I am mostly self-taught. I spent most of my adolescence and early adult life exploring dance and textile arts. I feel as if I had to go through what I went through in my life to get to a point that I needed to explore art on canvas. Everything you go through in life leads you to where you need to be, doing what you need to be doing, at exactly the right time. That time has been the last fourteen or so years for me playing on canvas. When I found it and it found me...I knew I found myself. I embrace the journey.

MCL;What types of art have you been involved with?
Dance (performing, choreography and teaching) and Textile (cross stitch and crewel- love this medium). I started painting in oil and much prefer acrylic which is now what I do 100% of the time.

MCL:Do you enjoy one style over all the others? What are some of your favorites?
I consider myself an "abstract realist". I refuse to put myself in a box other than that. I enjoy one day painting a contemporary abstract piece, and the next painting a commissioned piece of someone's beloved dog. I need variety. This is obvious to see when you step into my gallery in Lewiston- often people ask how many artists are represented and are surprised to hear it's all from me.

MCL:When I Write I get inspired by different types of music. What inspires you to sit or stand and create a painting? A drawing? Jewelry?
Dreams, something in nature, many things inspire me to create. I have learned it is definitely my therapy. If I'm not creating, I get depressed. It keeps me moving forward.

MCL: Who are your influences?

KWP:Painting wise...I love Klimt (especially his gold metallic phase), Haring, Pollock, and Monet. I was very early influenced by Angie Strauss from my hometown. Her flowers always spoke to me.

MCL:Is there something in the art world you want to tackle but haven't? Why not?
Murals. They terrify me.

MCL:Describe your style.
:Abstract realism. Color. Texture. I want my paintings to grab you when you come in the door and go into them. I want you to want to touch them.
MCL:You have a nice vision of colors. Has that always been the case?
I think yes. Always. Color is everything. It makes you feel something. I want my art to make you feel.

MCL:Do you remember when you knew you art was your "thing"?
Yes, I've always known I needed to create for my mental health. I am a better person creating (happy, fulfilled) then when I'm not. I knew I found my niche creating inspiring one of a kind, affordable art several years ago. I was then off and running. I now sell up to 600 pieces a year.

MCL:Please talk about your store. It's a beautiful venue. When did it all start?
I started by giving my art away, as we all do I think. I then gained to confidence to put a price on my art. That takes time- gaining that confidence. My husband and kids were incredible in encouraging me to follow my dream. For that I am most fortunate...beyond words. When you find what you were meant to do....supposed to do in this life and get the support to follow you path- there really are no words. I was quietly selling pieces at my husband's chiropractic office. Business began to surge, and I knew it was time to take it to the next level. I had a vision of a shop in Lewiston NY. I put it out to the universe and after some time, and somewhat serendipitously, the most perfect shop that was already set up as a gallery became available to me right in the heart of Center St., where all the action happens in town. I couldn't be more blessed.

MCL: I imagine your business has its ups and downs. When is the peak season for you?
Without question summer through Christmas is the peak season in Lewiston. However, the Chamber, shops and restaurants in the village have banded together over the past winter to offer off season events that have been incredibly successful to enhance the slower months. "Sip, Shop and Eat", "Shop Hop", and sale events over Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are offered which has been a real boost for the businesses. We believe that "if we all do well, we all do well". A simple saying that means when we work together, we will all succeed. It's a pooling of resources. It really feels good. Also, currently, the mayor, Chamber and all local artists are working together to promote Art in Lewiston. I'm very excited about this and the direction the village is going to enhance and promote what we have in our magical little town.

MCL: Have a favorite few painting? Why?
It's hard to have a favorite. They are all a piece of me, my soul. Currently I love "Leo" and I am one- an August baby.

MCL:Finally ... What is coming up for you and the store for 2019/2020 KWP:

KWP:I will continue this creative journey- seeing where my art takes me. I love the ride. I plan on continuing to work with Lewiston to promote art for the community, and to inspire and encourage younger people to believe that you can make a living doing what you love. I also want to continue to be involved in the promotion of the Village through my Chamber membership involvement. It's just an amazing community. I know how fortunate I am to live and work here.

"Inspirations on Canvas"

449 Center St

Lewiston, NY 14092

(716) 316-4955


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