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Plays/musicals set at amusement/theme parks?

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Hello, I'm doing some research. What are some plays/musicals set at amusement/theme parks? How was the atmosphere created and replicated on stage? 

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Carousel if the musical adaptation of Liliom.  Both are classics so have been produced many times.  Neither is fully set at the park.

Updated On: 2/27/21 at 12:52 PM
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Ride the Cyclone

Love Never Dies

All the Fun of the Fair (awful British jukebox musical)


Plenty clips on youtube and there's a professional shooting of Love Never Dies.

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I Had a Ball is set on Coney Island.

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If you're looking for shows which depict things that might happen at modern amusement/theme parks, then you could investigate stagings of 'Assassins' (the opening number is set at a shooting gallery) and 'Side Show' (the song 'Tunnel of Love' is set on a ride).

There are other shows which which feature a (to my knowledge) more old-fashioned type of theme park, circus or travelling fair, with depictions of the carnies putting on side shows and acts for the audience to watch. These include 'Carnival', 'On The Town', and the 'Pippin' revival.

I'm not very familiar with most of these shows' stagings, but I know that 'Carnival' uses the show's opening instrumental piece to depict the carnies setting up the travelling fair, transforming an empty meadow into a fairground. The show also has the carnival roustabouts visibly moving set pieces and scenery throughout the show, in character as roustabouts doing their job.

By the way, for those who aren't aware, apparently 'Ride The Cyclone' has recorded a cast album:

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BIG: The Musical and ALL SHOOK UP have big scenes that take place in an amusement park.
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So does Tuck Everlasting.

(heads down to the orchestra pit during the Exit Music)
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The Rink

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The musical I’m currently writing (based loosely on “The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari”) has a secondary plot which revolves around a corrupt city council doing everything it can to avoid disruptions to the lucrative town fair, where much of the action takes place.
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Plays/musicals set at amusement/theme parks?

Posted: 2/28/21 at 12:39am
They used 4 turntables to do a working tilt-a-whirl in Groundhog Day, that was magical.
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I saw a local production of CATS that moved the action for a junkyard to a rundown amusement park. It was REALLY cool.

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