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Longest Broadway dance number?  May 24 2020, 05:19:52 PM

High Button Shoes Sunday ballet about 11 minutes.

On Your Toes Slaughter on 10th Avenue ballet about 13 minutes

Sing Sing Sing Dancin' and Fosse about 14 1/2 minutes

Anyone Can Whistle Question?  May 17 2020, 05:19:27 PM

The 1986 Theater Factory St. Louis production included the song "The Lame, The Halt, and The Blind" (sung by Schub, Cooley, & Magruder) between "Miracle Song" and "Simple"

I don't remember any other specific changes or additions (I saw this a long, long time ago) ("There's Always a Woman" and "There Won't Be Trumpets" are not listed in the program)

The program notes that the previously unperformed and unpublished

Let’s Get LEGENDS! On Broadway!  May 5 2020, 06:48:22 PM

I still have found memories of seeing the original production on tour back in November of 1986.The event was really was just seeing Mary Martin (and Carol Channing, though she was still regularly performing) live on stage, you really did feel this has the last time you would get to see this type of legendary stage performers in person. The two ladies were having a great day (and getting great support from supporting cast members Gary Beach and Annie Joe) and the entire audience just love

What Was The Worst Musical You Saw  Apr 8 2020, 08:48:21 AM

Ain't Broadway Grand--a mostly forgotten Broadway musical from spring 1993 about Mike Todd. Debbie Shapiro Gravitte played Gypsy Rose Lee. Not at all memorable, though there was a song about brisket (yes the meat) and I think the show ended with a sing-along that no one joined in on. Felt sorry for the cast.

Beetlejuice to the Barrymore?  Feb 28 2020, 06:02:56 PM

Please correct me if this isn't correct--but as I understand it, if they move directly to a new theatre, the actor contracts would carry over to the new location. If the production wants to downsize the cast (like Beauty and Beast did) it would need to be closed for at least 6 weeks (and would also have to negotiate new contracts with the entire cast, though the minimum production code salary would still apply). Does anyone know how the musician minimum would be handled with a move?

Beetlejuice to the Barrymore?  Feb 28 2020, 11:08:14 AM

The biggest difference between the Winter Garden and the Barrymore is the stage depth--40' vs 28'. But the size of the Barrymore(39'wide) is probably close to the dimensions planned for the upcoming tour. The single biggest factor is probably the cost of loading in and re-tech for the show.

What made Natasha Richardson so brilliant as Sally?  Feb 21 2020, 06:38:14 PM

It is difficult to put in words, but she just was. Everything about the original cast and production was just so perfect, even down to the creepy "Kit Kat Club"/Henry Miller theatre. From where I was sitting just next to the stage, you really were a part of that world. Part of what was so special about Natasha's performance was how perfectly she balanced Alan Cummings--who could have easily overwhelmed a lesser actress. Still so thankful I got a day of single ticket, I will reme

anyone going on the broadway cruise  Jan 18 2020, 09:45:12 PM

This cruise is different than the Playbill (and some other) luxury cruises. This appears to be a full ship charter of the NCL Pearl with a goal of 2,300+ people on the cruise. The Playbill cruises tend to use much smaller and upscale cruise lines like Silverseas. On these smaller ships you are more likely to be able to casually interact with the talent. With 2,000 plus guests things will have to be much more structured--though random encounters are always a possibility. With the larger s

Cirque Du Soleil shows in Las Vegas  Jan 13 2020, 06:16:06 PM

uncageg said: "Saw "KA". It is a cool show. Not my favorite out of all of the Cirque shows I have seen and is the only one I have seen in Vegas. The theater is really cool with those seats wired for sound. If you see it I suggest you sit back a bit. Maybe the front of the elevated level. You can take more in and I think you will appreciate a certain part of the show from that level. It is visually stunning."

While seats a bit back are probably the best

Mrs. Doubtfire - Seattle Pre-Broadway Thoughts  Dec 23 2019, 08:25:46 PM

PatrickDC said: "The 5th Avenue has posted thePlaybillfor Mrs Doubtfire. Interesting that Rob isn’t given better billing. He’s listed alphabetically with the rest of the cast.I assume that’s just for the out-of-town andhe’ll be more prominent when it opens on Broadway."

I wouldn't make to much of the billing for Seattle--this run may be contracted under

Mystery of Edwin Drood - Voting Logistics  Dec 16 2019, 09:17:12 AM

I saw the 1988 tour with Jean Stapleton at the Muny in St Louis with 10,000 seats--I have no remembrance of how the voting was handled, but it must have been by guessing how the audience was voting. 

Good cast also featuring Clive Revill, Jana Schneider, Mark Jacoby, Ronn Carroll, John Deluca, Paige O'Hara and Kathleen Marshall in the ensemble.

Met Opera draftings?  Dec 14 2019, 05:29:18 PM

article includes image of floor plan


article includes cross section image

Despite Turnaround, ‘Beetlejuice’ Being Forced ut of Theater  Dec 11 2019, 06:09:27 PM

While this is sad for the cast, the show could have closed near the end of last summer. Thanks to luck and the marketing, the show has picked up and they now have steady work at least until the beginning of June.

I think the producers of the show handled this as well as they could have. By announcing the closing now they hopefully will create a sense of urgency to see the show (and they have also skillfully used the closing notice for another round of free publicity--I love the &qu

Equity vs. Non Eq Tour Thoughts?  Oct 21 2019, 06:14:06 PM

I know a lot, if not most, non-equity tours do this, but I haven't seen a lot of equity tours do this. I can't think of an equity tour that's done this in the past few years."

The current Jersey Boys tour is still equity and doing a crazy schedule of many one night stands

The Irishman will screen at the BELASCO starting November 1st!  Oct 7 2019, 05:43:18 PM

this most be a 4-wall deal with the Shuberts--i'm sure netflix has negotiated a set weekly payment for rental as well as covering all the union costs related to the showings--probably the reason for only 8 showings a week and one dark night--the gross is totally immaterial with netflix probably giving away many (?most) of the tickets to awards voters.

I wonder if the movie will screen on 35MM film or if it will be 4K digital projection--both would need to be installed (as well

Hello Dolly starring Carolee Carmello  Sep 28 2019, 06:17:38 PM

Sad for the new cast members to have to start the 2nd year of the tour at such a strange/non-conforming theatre. And then the move to the huge barn in St Louis next week. (For those familiar with the Kansas City theatre--it looks like it has a full fly house (and the full stage is covered), but where is the orchestra?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/7/19  Jul 9 2019, 08:37:38 AM

I wonder to what degree Frankie and Johnny was impacted by being at the larger Broadhurst instead of the smaller Booth/Golden/Hayes?

Can a show change its name after opening?  Jul 3 2019, 09:06:15 AM

I remember hearing that The Mystery of Edwin Drood changed its name to move it up in the NY Times abc's (paid alphabetical listing of Broadway shows)(kind of a quaint idea today).

Wasn't the musical Sugar renamed Some Like It Hot the Musical for the Tony Curtis tour/revival?

Tony-eligible Producers  Apr 18 2019, 07:18:16 PM

according to this 2013 NY Times article, the two lead producers get a free Tony Award and the other producers have to buy one for $2,500. I'm not sure if the specifics have change since then.

What would you do if you were performing on Broadway in between shows on Matinee Days?  Apr 13 2019, 06:12:59 PM

Way to many variables: length of the show, how draining the performance is, the weather, how close you live, do you need a pick me up from the stage door crowd, what do you want to eat, are people you like (or don't like) around the theatre. 

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