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THE MUSIC MAN Will Now Start Previews 12/20/21  Oct 21 2020, 11:03:56 AM

I got rescheduled to the day after Christmas. I requested a refund and will purchase again when things are more certain.

Glinda’s bubble.  Sep 26 2020, 06:12:46 AM

It serves as both a pendulum to the clock design and as Glinda's bubble. 

On a side note, while Wicked sure does have a beautiful design, the clock based design does not work for the show as the Clock of the Time Dragon (a pivotal point of the novel) is referenced maybe twice throughout the musical. They took the idea from Maguire's novel and left it at that. The entire design concept makes no sense unless you have read the book.

JAGGED LITTLE PILL new logo/ad campaign  Sep 26 2020, 06:09:00 AM

The new art looks like a bad photoshop project.

Cambodian Rock Band to Tour 2021-2022 Season  Sep 24 2020, 01:09:31 PM

My guess is that this will tour the major non-profits around the country. I don't see this being a part of the seasons in Broadway subscription houses around the country.

The Music Man is up on the Marquee!!  Sep 22 2020, 08:10:59 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "What if they are filming this and going to market it the same as Diana where they’re are going to release it on peacock or something prior to officially opening?"

Scott Rudin does not even have promotional video footage available for any of his shows. A filming released before opening is 110% NOT happening.

Kat McPhee Next Broadway Show?  Sep 21 2020, 11:54:16 AM

aliceripleyofficial said: "Very excited for her and Laura Osnes todo a regional production of Side Show in Mobile, Alabama"


The Music Man is up on the Marquee!!  Sep 21 2020, 08:52:21 AM

I also love the vintage look.

Is there any new talk about the future of BEETLEJUICE?  Sep 20 2020, 05:20:51 PM

sparksatmidnight said: "So they will also rewrite half the show like Addams Family?"

We can only hope... 

Is there any new talk about the future of BEETLEJUICE?  Sep 20 2020, 02:05:16 PM

f I were to venture a guess, I would say that the Broadway production will not be coming back in another theatre, there will be no filming of the Broadway production, and there will most likely be no national tour. This is a property that I can see being fast tracked for licensing for schools and community theatres.

The Sound of Music  Sep 13 2020, 08:32:48 AM

I find it interesting that The Sound of Music has only had one Broadway revival which was in 1998 with Rebecca Luker. Why is it that such a beloved and well known title hasn't been done more on Broadway? There was the Jack O'Brien directed tour a few years ago that did quite well on the road (granted it played to subscription based houses). If this were to come back, who would you like to see direct and/or star? I personally think Bartlett Sher could create a beautiful production at t

ALW's Cinderella  Sep 13 2020, 07:55:13 AM

The first full song has been released. I really love it. Also, Andrew Lloyd Webber's persistence and determination to bring theatre back as soon as possible brings tears to my eyes.

Beauty and the Beast Revival Coming To Broadway  Sep 11 2020, 07:20:21 AM
CATSNYrevival said: "I doubt we’ll ever see the original design again but I do hope they come up with something equally opulent even if they are on a budget this time around. Even when they downsized from the Palace to the Lunt, what was on Broadway was still far more elaborate than the bare bones third national tour and the later redesigned NETWorks national tour which was still directed and designed by the same team."

The NETWorks tour was one of t

Beauty and the Beast Revival Coming To Broadway  Sep 11 2020, 06:43:20 AM
I love the artwork.

Ben Brantley Steps Down  Sep 10 2020, 10:30:39 AM
This is long overdue. I'm glad Jesse Green is staying on, though. I'm looking forward to seeing who they bring in.

2009-2010 Musical Revivals  Sep 10 2020, 09:46:25 AM
Thank you everyone for your thorough thoughts! I love all of the cast recordings for these revivals (for the 4 out of the 6 that released them). It's so interesting to read such detailed comparisons!

Perfection  Sep 9 2020, 10:59:45 AM
2 numbers immediately came to mind...
-Put On Your Sunday Clothes from Hello, Dolly!
-Solidarity from Billy Elliot

2009-2010 Musical Revivals  Sep 8 2020, 07:00:37 AM

I was looking back at some old Tony categories, and one that caught my eye due to it seeming to be an embarrassment of riches was the 2009-2019 Best Revival of a Musical category. There were 6 musical revivals that season (** indicates the Tony nominated revivals)...

Bye, Bye Birdie

**Finian's Rainbow

**La Cage Aux Folles

**A Little Night Music

Promises, Promises


La Cage Aux Folles ended up taking home the grand prize that season.

Favorite West Side Story song?  Sep 6 2020, 03:49:32 PM

Tonight (Quintet) - The buildup of intensity is so powerful.

 Sep 2 2020, 08:58:26 AM

I read the first few chapters of this on my Kindle as well as scrolled ahead to a few more chapters later in the book about shows I was interested in. Ultimately, I decided to return this and get my $30 back. This book covers a lot of of ground in terms of the sheer number of shows covered. However, there is not a great deal of new information or insight. You get a plot summary, some pull quotes, and a brief explanation on why the show failed, and that’s about it for the most part.

 Aug 30 2020, 06:46:03 AM
I just purchased and downloaded this to my Kindle. I can't wait to read this. Based on a quick glance at the table of contents, this 600+ page covers A LOT of flops. All the flops I were hoping would one day be included in a new book about musical flops are going to be covered. I will be sure to post my thoughts here on the actual content of the book once I am finished.

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