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VIDEO: Sarah Paulson, Rosie O'Donnell and More Open up During The Creative Coalition Fantasy Talk Show

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The Creative Coalition’s Fantasy Talk Show was a a one-night-only special charity event that brought together patients living with glioblastoma with celebrities.

VIDEO: Sarah Paulson, Rosie O'Donnell and More Open up During The Creative Coalition Fantasy Talk Show

Edie Falco, Jim Gaffigan, Rosie O'Donnell, Zachary Levi, Sarah Paulson, and Bob Saget sat down with people living with cancer for The Creative Coalition's Fantasy Talk Show, a one-night-only special charity event that brought together patients living with glioblastoma (GBM), a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer, with their favorite celebrities.

During the program, which streamed last night exclusively on and PeopleTV, Sarah Paulson says she's been spending her time in quarantine practicing her Linda Tripp voice for the next installment of "American Crime Story," Edie Falco explains why her favorite episode of "The Sopranos" is one she's barely even in and reveals she'll soon be working with Ryan Murphy on a new project, Bob Saget opens up about his favorite memories from "Full House," Zachary Levi explains how Shazam would handle quarantine and coronavirus, Jim Gaffigan says he may never create another show, and Rosie O'Donnell has a moving conversation with a patient over crafts about what it's like to be diagnosed with brain cancer.

See highlights below:

On her next project:

"The next project is the third installment of 'American Crime Story.' The first one being 'The People vs. OJ Simpson,' the second installment was 'The Assassination of Gianni Versace,' and the third installment is 'The Impeachment of Bill Clinton' and I'm playing Linda Tripp. We were about to start shooting this in March when the shutdown happened. And there had to be a pause on that, which was hard because you spend a lot of time researching and immersing yourself. And then it was, sort of, I tried to keep up with the accent work. Linda has a different speech tone of voice than I do, so I've been working with someone on that. I have a couple of things brewing that I can't talk about yet. But we will be doing the second season of 'Ratched,' which is great."

On what project she wishes she could redo:

"Sometimes as an actor you pick apart moments and go, 'If I had known I was doing that, I would... I wish I could do that moment again.' It's hard. It's very confronting. So I think there are a million things that I've done where I think, 'Oh, I would love to do that moment again. I wish I could have done that beat again.' But the main thing I feel actually is that I wish I could go back and experience the thing again having already done it."

On her favorite color and her hatred of eggplants:

"My favorite color is my least favorite food but my most favorite color, which is eggplant. That beautiful, sort of, aubergine purple... Eggplant to me is the worst food on the planet. I don't know why anybody eats it. I think it's truly vile."

On when she decided to be an actor:

"I was very dramatic. Now, we could have a whole show on the psychological consequences of being told you're overly dramatic when really you're just having all your very big feelings. And they're very real for me... I probably was looking for a healthy way to channel some of those feelings I had, which were sometimes quite overwhelming as a young person."

On why her favorite episode of "The Sopranos" is one she's barely even in:

"Tony keeps looking out his window and seeing a woman like hanging laundry on a line or something. He sort of falls in love with this person. He's remembering his mom when he was little. Little Tony remembering when life was simple. And I wasn't in that episode much. I remember seeing it, though, and thinking, 'Oh my God.' You learn so much about him. The storytelling is so interesting."

On her next project:

"I think I'm going to work with Ryan Murphy, who's a director, and I'm supposed to go to L.A. to work with him, probably in November."

On how she prepared for her role in "Nurse Jackie":

"I went to an emergency room. I went for one day. But I felt so out of place. I felt like these people are having the worst day of their life and here I am like, 'Hello, I'm an actress and I just kind of want to watch.' What we did do is we had a wonderful nurse from Bellevue Hospital, here in New York, a woman named Lisa Wing, who I adore. And she was on set with us all the time."

On her favorite episode of "Nurse Jackie":

"There was one where me and Thor, the character of Thor - who is played by my dear friend Stephen Wallem - we were tap dancing. But I thought to myself, 'Who ever thought that doing a medical show would have a scene like this in it.' But it was one of many, many fun scenes that we shot over the years. But that one sticks out in my mind. I remember just laughing for the large majority of the day."

On how TV audiences have changed since "Nurse Jackie":

"People seem to be more open now to seeing imperfect people on television instead of seeing people that always made you feel like, 'Boy, I wish I was like that.' You know what I mean? I think people are ready to see characters that are more like themselves where they can be basically good but have some stuff that really just doesn't fit in that mold."

On what she wishes she could wear to awards shows:

"If left to my own devices, I would wear jeans and a tee shirt to everything."

On his favorite memories of "Full House":

"Doing the show when it had touching moments. I think it unified families. That's why TV numbers were up, and people really loved it, was because they could watch it with their parents or people who'd lost a parent and would say to me, 'That show, that particular one where you addressed the death of the mom with DJ was incredibly meaningful to me' -- so that makes it more meaningful for me as well. And then other ones where we just did high-style comedy was very fun, like when, accidentally, Candace [Cameron Bure] and Scott Weinger, DJ and Steve, were in a cement truck and they accidentally hit the lever and the cement poured into the kitchen. It always happens in the kitchen."

On his big break:

"Even though I had worked a little bit before 'Chuck,' that I would definitely say was my break. But really 'Shazam!' has done that even moreso."

On whether or not he did his own stunts in "Shazam!":

"It was a little bit of both. I'm the type of actor that really likes doing as many of my own stunts as they let me do. But then there's just stuff that, legally, I'm not allowed to do because it's too dangerous."

On getting fit for his "Shazam!" role:

"I had worked out. I had done some reasonably arduous workout regimens prior to 'Shazam!' But I had never jumped into bodybuilding and health and wellness on the level that I did when I actually then got the role."

On how Shazam would handle quarantine:

"Flying around handing out masks. He'd electrically charge the air around people in a way that it would zap all of the coronavirus but not hurt them at all. He'd just do things like that. He'd just try to make things a little bit better."

On his favorite color:
"I'd say like hot pink."

On why he may never create another show:

"I don't know if I would create another show because what I've learned is that... I don't want that many responsibilities. I mostly want to do projects where I can be different people."

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