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Unhinged Entertainment Presents THE MANGINA DIALOGUES Podcast


Unhinged Entertainment Presents THE MANGINA DIALOGUES Podcast

The Mangina Dialogues is a rare gem of a podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Nick Scopoletti (aka Nick Scopes) and Comedy DJTheGregalicious. The show's unique variety of content makes it a must-listen! Hilarious and insightful, this entertaining and thought-provoking show features an array of refreshing personalities and looks for the humor in real life situations. The title is the brainchild of TheGregalicious and was inspired by the film "Step Brothers." He and Nick knew they were onto something special with this bold play on words, and their content is just as innovative and audacious. Fans of artists such as Tom Segura, Joey Diaz, and Dave Chapelle will love this show and its diverse approach to sounds and comedy podcasting! New episodes drop every Sunday and are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and everywhere else you find your favorite podcasts.

The show covers all aspects of pop-culture including comedy, the music scene and professional sports. Guests in the hot seat have included comedians Kara Birrell, Andrew Ginsburg and Sam Hunter, adult actress Dani Daniels, hip hop artist The Red Baron and Super Sports & MMA Agent David Michael Fonseca, who shared experiences from the inside of the sports business, his perspective on MMA and the future of fight sports. The hosts are highly skilled at getting to know their guests and extracting comedic content out of their life experiences, leading to funny and often touching, discussions. TheGregalicious explains, "if you're a professional musician that is touring or recording your album, there are going to be comical situations that arise, and listeners love to hear about them. The same is true for sports figures and professional athletes, what life is like on the road in between games? We give our listeners an insider's look at what goes on."

TheGregalicious is a buoyant and eccentric self-made multi thousandaire, who is all about anything and everything delicious, or funny, or deliciously funny. He honed his DJ skills at frat parties while attending college in Boston, loves to dance and may just answer your questions in the style of a 90's boy band. He collects miniatures, is an award-winning intramural collegiate short jumper and prides himself on being one of the only people in the world who knows how much "stuff" an Oreo actually contains. TheGregalicious claims to have been raised by wolves in the woods of Saddle River, New Jersey, and dares anyone to prove it isn't true.

Fitness guru and personal trainer turned stand up comedian, Nick Scopoletti is a strong funny man and best bet for mumbling entertainer at birthday parties, or emcee for a suburban soft swinger's bash. Wherever he goes, Nick delivers high-energy interactive entertainment that is addicting and contagious. He is also a writer and producer, and used to co-host the Fitness podcast "Strength Squad." Once a Westchester boy, he now calls Connecticut home and is available, so please swipe right.

This perfect partnership was born when fate connected TheGregalicious with Nick, who was his personal trainer at Equinox. During their training sessions, Nick mentioned that he was also a stand-up comedian. TheGregalicious promised to come see his act, which prompted Nick to scoff "no you won't, everyone says that." But TheGregalicous did indeed attend one of Nick's open mics. To his surprise, and utter dismay, TheGregalicious found Nick to be the most talented of the night's lineup.

Listeners cannot get enough of The Mangina Dialogues and keep coming back for more. The show's following is growing by the minute!

These two guys are beautiful inside and out. They have the ability to really get to know their guests." ~ WhiteboyJimmy

"Laugh out loud funny! I've literally spit out my coffee laughing at some of the conversations." ~ Anthony Bac"

"Solid podcast that feels like hanging with friends who know interesting and funny people. If you're a fan of comedians or comedy podcasts, definitely give this a listen. They have really interesting guests who aren't your typical A listers, so it's great to hear new stories in the entertainment world." ~ Shane Magnus

TMD LIVE! With the popularity of the podcast growing, it was only a matter of time until they took The Mangina Dialogues off the inter-web-google-myspace gram-tube, into reality and onto the stage showcasing some of the best live comedy and music talent in an interview setting. The live stage show is mix of stand up sets, roasts, variety show, musical acts, some by unsuspecting guests. It's the Gong Show meets The Tonight Show meets Live from the Apollo meets Behind the Music = TMD LIVE! and is slated to hit theaters and clubs in early 2020!

The pair also produce weekly gut-busting Unhinged Comedy shows at 8:00p.m. every Monday night at the legendary Seagrape Bar & Grill on the beach at 1144 Reef Road, in Fairfield, Connecticut, with additional monthly residencies at breweries and clubs throughout the area. The show is injected with high-energy music and a WWE entertainment element that ties back to their comedy routine - everyone has a walk-up or walk-off song. One of the most memorable occasions was bringing out a guest who calls her nether regions 'Stacy' to the Fountains of Wayne song "Stacy's Mom."

TheGregalicious and Nick Scopoletti are always on the lookout for new guests and are themselves available for bookings upon request.

The Mangina Dialogues Online:

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