THE RUNAWAY Screens via NewFilmmakers NY Tonight

NewFilmmakers is a unique Screening Series that gives new filmmakers the opportunity to screen their films in New York, Los Angeles, and Online.

Tonight, August 5th, NewFilmmakers screens a Special Program with a Talk on Film Censorship in India followed by Q&A with 'Unfreedom' Director, a Short Film Program and the new Feature THE RUNAWAY.

6:00 PM Special Program

A Talk on Film Censorship in India followed by Q&A with 'Unfreedom' Director curated by Sridhar Ranganath

Raj Amit Kumar UNFREEDOM (20 minute clip, video) 'UNFREEDOM' is an Indo-US production, a contemporary thriller directed by Raj Amit Kumar that has been unfairly banned in India for its controversial ideas and expression. The film stars BAFTA nominee Victor Banerjee and Life of Pi's Adil Hussain. Cinematography is by National award winner Hari Nair and sound design is by Oscar winner Resul Pookutty.

Join the Director for an evening of thought provoking conversation on Film Censorship in India and Q & A about the film that has raised many eyebrows and is considered as one of the most controversial films in the history of Indian Cinema.

7:15 PM Short Film Program

Davy McCall HERITAGE (2014, 17 minutes, video)
In modern day Gaza; Palestinian freedom fighter (Hakim) and Israeli Defense Force trooper (Eliezer) find themselves in a desperate knife fight. During their lethal struggle they knock over a malfunctioning bomb that blows the two warriors into oblivion. The two men wake up together in an eternal white void; where killing each other is no longer an option.

Imani Jade Powers GUARDED (2015, 16 minutes)
A young Arab girl and her brother find out that a close friend of their father's is an undercover cop in their local mosque, who has been spying on their family.

Yasar Dogu Akal , A. Onur Saylak THE JUNGLE (2015, 14 minutes) the struggle of a Syrian refugee in Istanbul.

Leeron Revah NO FREE LUNCH (2014, 20 minutes)
"No Free Lunch" is a short drama portraying a young woman on the morning of a job interview for a position that is way out of her league.

8:30 PM Feature Presentation

Nick DeRuve THE RUNAWAY (2015, 110 minutes)
Jon Chryst, now 60, has been an outlaw for his entire adult life. After 30 years in isolation, the law has finally caught up to him. As he makes a final attempt to escape with his life, Jon reflects on the events that led him here. Jon's life begins on a farm in a seemingly wholesome Christian family. When Jon is 14, tragedy strikes, forcing him to flee his home and begin his life on the run. Shortly thereafter, Jon encounters Morris, a fellow outcast who takes Jon in and raises him like a son. For several years, Morris teaches Jon the necessities of adulthood- how to hunt, how to build, and how to rob small businesses. Their partnership ends abruptly, and Jon uses his new skills to pursue a life of crime. Over nearly a decade, Jon develops a powerful notoriety for his criminal activity. But everything changes when he meets Cat Donovan. Jon gives up his lifestyle and adopts a new identity to be with her. He proves his worth and is accepted into the Donovan family, leaving his loneliness behind. It almost looks like a happy ending for Jon Chryst, but he cannot escape the law forever.

NewFilmmakers screens at Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side at 32 Second Avenue & 2nd Street. Tickets are $6 and are good for the whole night and go on sale at 5:30PM the night of performance at the Anthology Box Office. There is no advanced or online sales. NewFilmmakers LA screens at the AT&T Center, 1139 S Hill Street, and has become a leading showcase for new films in Hollywood. Many features screened at NewFilmmakers are now available on NewFilmmakers Online.

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