THE RIDE Choses TimeLooper to Create New Virtual Reality Experience

The Award-Winning Times' Square attraction juggernaut, THE RIDE, has chosen TimeLooper, a global Virtual Reality platform, to create unforgettable VR moments in New York's history to be scripted into its new timeless production, THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE, Powered by THE RIDE. While continuing to scout and negotiate with City Councils and Zoning Boards in Boston, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo, CEO/CCO Richard Humphrey and President Dan Rogoski have chosen historic Downtown Manhattan for the next revolutionary version of the Internationally acclaimed phenomenon. THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE, Powered by THE RIDE will present the world-changing iconic events of a neighborhood that gifted FREEDOM to every other country on Earth. From the minute President George Washington was sworn in on the second balcony of Federal Hall at 29 Wall Street on April 30, 1789 the new Americans went to work. They laid out the streets, built bridges, libraries, universities, ships, railroads, tunnels, hospitals, theatres, museums, churches, town houses, meeting halls and commercial concourses, survived fires, riots, epidemics and the weather, created Wall Street, organized unions, published newspapers, developed public education, public transportation and public housing. And all of this under the welcoming torch held high by the Statue of Liberty as she introduced millions and millions of people to Downtown Manhattan where the word FREEDOM was spoken in over forty languages. Downtown Manhattan is still the center of all that is possible. It is now the stage for THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE Powered by The Ride.


THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE Powered by THE RIDE will begin at 200 Water Street overlooking the New York Harbor and explore the historic blocks of the Seaport and lower Manhattan - the very blocks where rough and tumble New York roared to life, struggled to be born into freedom and through freedom's challenges evolved throughout the last two hundred years. THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE looks forward to having you aboard the 21st century technological wonders that are THE RIDE's patented traveling theatres on this audio/visual, personally narrated journey recreating New York's downtown history and enhanced with the magic of Virtual Reality.


THE DOWNTOWN EXPERIENCE will be a multi-media historical adventure with a STORYTELLER's on-board narration highlighted by the magic of 6 VIRTUAL REALITY visualizations and including on-location time-travel back to the inauguration of George Washington in 1789.

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