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Student Blog: Why Is Resting Important for Theatre Students?

Although winter break is short, it’s a really important time for theatre students to recover from a heavy semester.

Student Blog: Why Is Resting Important for Theatre Students? While hustle culture is trending, most of us forget that we need rest, even more, when we are theatre students. I'm not an expert in this field and don't worry, it's not a research paper either. I'm just sharing with all of you my experience with rest and how it affects us, theatre students, or even performers. I'm here to also remind you to not feel guilty if you're slacking off a little during this festive season.

Here in Singapore, we have a tendency to work too hard. That's right, the stereotype of Asians being strict, it's real here. In LASALLE College of the Arts, our semester runs for 16 weeks. We had all our scheduled classes plus we were working on shows as well. That's 8 hours a day, excluding self-practice and assignments. I also had to work too. After that 16 weeks, I was in total burnout. I must say that it was challenging because all of the things I do are important, I have to do well for school, at the same time, I also have to work to be able to go to school. So I have to get it done. Now, during the winter break, I've been slacking so much, and guess what, I deserve it! I almost took up another project during the break but after so much consideration, I decided that I should take a break in order to be able to function well in the next semester.

For this break, I would suggest forgetting about the craft. Do something totally not related, and if you come across a situation where you have to sing or dance or act, forget about the techniques and enjoy. Go out and meet your friends. Half of my December was booked by friends, to catch up with them because I'm not able to spare time to meet them during the semester. What I also did was to catch up on sleep (not scientifically proven to work) and catch up on my favorite shows. Honestly, it's enjoyable. But please add some exercise to retain the stamina (I'm guilty of not doing so).

Now, I'm going to share how I rest during the semester. First of all, I will always leave within half an hour after we're dismissed. This allows me to have dinner at home, spend an hour doing homework, and another 30 mins for leisure time. Also, go to sleep early! I'm always in bed by 11 pm and ready for the day at 7 am. It's a lot of discipline, but trust me, it will benefit you. It's not as if I won't spend time with my friends, I do. I will normally schedule to hang out with my classmates or friends on Friday night. That way, it will not disrupt my studies. For the weekends, I will sleep in a little and rest more till lunch before I start working on assignments.

As theatre students, sleep is important for our body and muscles to recover from intensive workouts or dance, or movement classes. The mind also needs rest because we use our emotions during acting classes or rehearsals. The clearer your mind is, the better you are at acting. It also helps you to focus in classes too. It definitely helps me to not get distracted during contextual studies. I also drink a cup of coffee every weekday mornings and avoid coffee during the weekends to reset my body. Not recommending it but do what you need to get through the day!

Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a night owl, I'm the most productive at night but I've been doing this for years and I feel like it works really well for me. Don't take my words for it, it may not be fitted for some of you, but you may want to try them. I'm sure you are doing well but if you want to improve your productivity in school, try my method or you could suggest an alternative method too. With that, a final reminder, to rest and relax during this festive season. Work hard next year too but also don't forget to sleep well and rest well. I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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