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Student Blog: My Journey Further Into Photography

Indulging the Creative Side of Me

Student Blog: My Journey Further Into Photography Having a major in the Fine Arts department can mean many things, but for me, it means being able to express myself through multiple outlets, including photography, which I just realized I have a new passion and appreciation for.

This photo was actually taken for an assignment on sports photography, but I chose it today to show that I'm getting better at the craft and actually trying to master it.

This was probably one of my favorite ones to do other than the one with my friend Katie that was seen in a blog a couple months ago.

While I might not be a music, theatre, or musical theatre major like the majority of the Fine Arts department, I still take time to express myself and enjoy sharing it with the world.

That being said, my "thing" is more landscape photography. People are arguably harder to control and all that.

Either way, though, I can't wait to see where this path takes me, and hopefully, I'll be able to do more blogs just like this one that showcase my talent.

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