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Student Blog: Dream Casting for the Wicked Movie

With the recent announcement that Jonathan M. Chu will be officially directing the Wicked movie adaptation, a slew of dream castings has followed... Here's my take on it.

With the recent announcement that Jonathan M. Chu will be officially directing the Wicked movie adaptation, a slew of dream castings has followed on social media websites everywhere. So I decided to take my own crack at it. Here's my ideal casting for the movie!

Up first, we of course have our Elphaba. I chose Celia Rose Gooding of Jagged Little Pill fame. She has an incredible voice and stage presence that would be perfect for Elphaba. She more than proved herself as Frankie in Jagged Little Pill, and her amazing belt helps to make her a fantastic pick for the green witch.

Next, we have G(a)linda, for whom I chose Rachel Zegler. Zegler is known for being cast as María in the upcoming West Side Story movie remake, as well as most recently in an undisclosed key role in the sequel to DC's Shazam. But while neither of these performances is out yet, there is enough proof that she's perfect for the role with her many covers on her YouTube channel, showing off both her incredible belt and her beautiful legit singing voice.

Then we have Jelani Alladin as Fiyero. Alladin rose to fame with his Broadway debut as Kristoff in Frozen, then subsequently went on to star as Hercules in The Public Theater's adaptation of the Disney film. With his smooth voice and natural charisma, he's the ideal casting for any princely role, and naturally, that includes the seemingly carefree Winkie prince both Elphaba and Glinda end up falling for.

I chose Norm Lewis for the Wizard. He's a Broadway legend, playing a wide variety of roles from Sweeney Todd to King Triton to Javert to the Phantom of the Opera, with a wonderful, beautiful baritone and a ton of natural charisma. He's been in so many shows over the years, and he would shine as the Wizard. I can think of no one better to cast as the Wonderful Wizard of Oz than him.

For Madame Morrible, I chose Imelda Staunton of Harry Potter fame. While she's most recognizable in her role as Dolores Umbridge, which she played wonderfully and more than proves her capable of portraying Madame Morrible, she's also been in many musicals and has an incredible voice that just reaffirms her suitability to play her.

I picked Lauren 'Lolo' Spencer to play Nessarose. While not known for her singing, she is a wonderful actress and model who is vocal about her disability and runs her own web series called 'Sitting Pretty.' I believe that she'd be a wonderful Nessarose.

For Boq, we have Nicholas L. Ashe of Choir Boy and Queen Sugar fame. Ashe has certainly proved himself a capable actor and we absolutely know he can sing! He'd be a perfect pick to play the sweet, charming Munchkin.

And finally, we have our Dr. Dillamond. I chose none other than Jake Gyllenhaal, purely because I think it would be hilarious. I think that man is full of chaotic energy, and that he was probably born to play a goat. Or just anything chaotic. In any case, we know he can sing, and we know he certainly commits to a role. He might be a bit young to play him, but honestly, this casting, in particular, is specifically for my own amusement.

And that's my ideal cast! But honestly, I'd be happy with even just one of these people being cast or finding a cast of unknowns. There are plenty of actors well-suited for all of these roles, and I am truly looking forward to this movie. Wicked has always been one of my favorite musicals, and I cannot wait to see what Jon M. Chu does with this adaptation of it.

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