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Student Blog: Be part of your own process.

Getting there with integrity.

Student Blog: Be part of your own process.

Be part of your own process.

Getting there with integrity.

Hi there, its Claudia! Summer season has come and I am so excited to share with you my thoughts and experiences in my life as a Musical Theatre College Student, in Toronto but currently in Mexico.

Summer... I feel this season is like a fresh pause in the middle of the year where you get to look back how far you have come and where do you want to see yourself at the end of the year. I am not referring to extreme changes like moving, or being a completely different human being (which it's okay if its your case), but your daily habits and experiences transform you as a person, and when years pass you turn back and now it is a big change/progress, being aware and present to every detail is important.

Last week, I was in my vocal lesson and after it was over and I just started to reflect how far I've come.

Looking back to 6 years ago, when I took my first vocal lesson and I wanted to belt out Defying Gravity, and you know, back then I would feel overwhelmed because I really wanted to sing as my favorite singers, do riffs easily, end the songs with enough breath and with that perfect vibrato. As I mention, I would feel overwhelmed because I wanted to have my singing perfect, on week 2 of my vocal lesson.
It has taken me 6 years and today, I know that I have an endless journey left to keep growing not just vocally but in every sense. And, you know? Today I know that where I am today is where I need to be today. I feel so comfortable with my singing, I have built a strong and solid base that I can rely on, I am challenged enough but I have endless tools in my toolbox that use for every song or performance.

The exact same thing happened with my dance, I wanted to pick up choreography fast, do a perfect split, etc. Today I feel so proud of my work because I know how effort I have done in every class / lesson and I know that this is an endless journey.

What I want to say is that it is so important to feel proud of our work, to be there for ourselves day by day and being present in our growth because it is so easy to get to your first vocal lesson ever wanting to belt out Defying Gravity but when you immerse in the process being aware how every tiny detail counts, how important it is to build from root, to expand your horizon and knowing that there are millions of songs and that you build your book as you grow as a singer...LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANT, when you look back being able to see how far you have come with INTEGRITY, you feel -full-.

This applies to everything in life, so I invite you to do your pause, think about this and see how far you have come and celebrate it!

  • Claudia Quintero a passionate and Mexican girl

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