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SOUND OFF World Premiere Exclusive: Michael Mott Announces New Remixes & Premieres 'Gone' Remix


Today, BroadwayWorld is thrilled to announce a brand new EP from versatile and accomplished theatre and pop songwriter Michael Mott as well as share a first listen at a world premiere track from the release in today's exclusive feature all about it, Michael Mott's GONE: THE REMIXES, featuring vocals by Ben Fankhauser.

Additionally, I recently discussed Mott's extensive work on the new EP as well as what inspired the unique project with the man behind the music and lyrics himself as well as touched upon the details of what brought this spectacular new Broadway Records entry from conception to release as part of an expansive InDepth InterView set to appear next month, previewed below.

Mott exclusively shares to BroadwayWorld, "I haven't said anything about it to anyone - even though I've been working on it for over two months. What I've been doing is working on a bunch of new remixes for my song 'Gone'. So, I've been working with a ton of Top 40 pop and dance remixers - a ton. So, now, I have a 6-track 'Gone' single that is released this week. We've been working on it for about two or three months now and I am really happy with how all the tracks came out. Basically, on the remix album there is the WHERE THE SKY ENDS album version of 'Gone' and then three 8-to-10-minute dance remixes that are really freaking cool - I am so proud of them; they are all completely different from each other. Then, there is a radio edit of one of them and then a stripped-down, electronic/acoustic ballad version of one of them, too - I think that last one is actually my favorite one, though I really love them all."

As for the impetus of the project, Mott relates, "I mean, every single I ever heard almost had dance remixes. Growing up as a massive Mariah Carey fan, she would release a single and then go back in the studio and re-record four or five different versions of the song for the remixes - each and every one having a brand new vocal. So, you could hear four or five differently sung versions of the same song because of all the remixes. I remember thinking, 'God, that is so interesting - to hear the artist reinterpreting their song in different ways and having it take on new life and new meaning.' It's just fascinating to me."

As for working with lead vocalist and Broadway regular Ben Fankhauser and others on new vocals for the tracks, Mott says, "Well, we changed the melody a tiny, tiny bit and we added a choir - we had a whole choir come in and record some new stuff. The original album version is such a slow ballad that the vocal performance was very intimate, whereas some of the remix versions are much more dance-y and up-tempo - much bigger, too. Plus, I had Ben sing his own harmonies with himself for the tracks, too. It's a little bit bigger and a little bit more energized, I think."

Michael Mott's GONE: THE REMIXES is available now on iTunes here. More information is available at the Broadway Records official site here.

Listen to "Gone (Adam Zucker French 75 Mix)" from Michael Mott's GONE: THE REMIXES below.

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