Regional Roundup: Top 10 'Spooky' Stories This Week Around the Broadway World - 10/28; Signature's FREAKY FRIDAY, ROCKY HORROR in St. Louis and More!

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Happy Halloween! This week, we go around our Broadway World to feature all the spooky stories in Washington, DC, St. Louis, South Africa and more. Check out our top 10 ghoulish stories around our Broadway World below, which include FREAKY FRIDAY in DC, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW in St. Louis, and DEAD YELLOW SANDS in South Africa, just to name a few.


Regional Roundup: Top 10 'Spooky' Stories This Week Around the Broadway World - 10/28; Signature's FREAKY FRIDAY, ROCKY HORROR in St. Louis and More!

1. DC Metro Area/Virginia: Editor Jennifer Perry reviews FREAKY FRIDAY at Signature Theatre. She says, "Signature Theatre is very much at the forefront of developing new musicals and this time around it is doing so in collaboration with Disney Theatricals. Based on Mary Rodgers' novel and the two movies of the same name, the world premiere stage adaptation of Disney's FREAKY FRIDAY features some of Broadway and television's best creative talent, two extremely strong leads, and an infectiously energetic ensemble cast. The musical's appeal isn't only limited to the target teenage/millennial crowd. Any fan of contemporary musical theatre is likely to find something to appreciate in this adorable (but not cloyingly so) show." Read more here.

2. Detroit, MI: Editor Katie Laban reviews DRACULA at the Hilberry Theatre. She says, "Playwright Charles Morey revised Dracula as well directed the show and his adaption of the Stoker novel is quite exceptional. What Morey brought to life on stage was not just a brief introduction to the novel, but the grit and heart of it. He truly has an understanding of Stoker's novel and he brought that vision to life in every aspect with this production. The unique way the plot unfolded through letters and journal entries narrated by the entire cast was very faithful to original novel and worked well on keeping the play in dark and twisted unknown path to the very end." Read more here.

Regional Roundup: Top 10 'Spooky' Stories This Week Around the Broadway World - 10/28; Signature's FREAKY FRIDAY, ROCKY HORROR in St. Louis and More!

3. Boston, MA: Editor Nancy Grossman reviews ABIGAIL/1702 at Merrimack Repertory Theatre. She says, "The play is meant to haunt you as it explores the aftermath of the 1692 Salem witch trials, and the design team creates an atmosphere that is spooky on many levels. However, the external trappings notwithstanding, it is the demon within that is most fearsome and cannot be escaped. Abigail Williams disappeared from Salem to start a new life in Boston, but she will find no peace until she exorcises her own guilt." Read more here.

4. Washington, DC: Editor Barbara Johnson reviews RAMEAU'S NEPHEW at Spooky Action Theater. She says, "Smith commands the charmingly sleazy title role, conveying delicious debauchery as he makes his case for a life of vice and laments his present state of destitution. To call Smith energetic would be a gross understatement: he acts out detailed vignettes, becomes various characters, dynamically pantomimes a full orchestra, and to everyone's delight, performs an absurd song made up entirely of coughs. He truly excels at these, the play's most madcap moments, and seems to do so with ease." Read more here.


5. St. Louis, MO: Editor Chris Gibson reviews Stray Dog Theatre's THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. He says, "Heather Matthews and Kevin O'Brien are quite good as Janet and Brad, respectively. They're both strong singers, and both seem game for the weirdness that their characters experience. Matthews does exceptional work with the sexual abandon of "Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me," and O'Brien is equal to the task with forthright takes on "Damn It, Janet" and "Once in a While."" Read more here.

6. Louisville, KY: Editor Taylor Clemons reviews DIAL M FOR MURDER at Derby Dinner Playhouse. He says, "Performances from the entire cast were wonderful. Cary Wiger carries the show with ease, and brings a wonderful calculated nature to his role. Tina Jo Wallace is wonderfully innocent and naive, while commanding the stage as Margot. Brian Bowman does a wonderful job as Max, he and Wallace have wonderful chemistry once again. David Meyers has more of a smaller role, but he delivers in spades making up for his lack of stage time. Last but not least, J.R. Stuart is absolutely brilliant as Inspector Hammond, a character that we meet towards the beginning of the second act." Read more here.

West Coast

Regional Roundup: Top 10 'Spooky' Stories This Week Around the Broadway World - 10/28; Signature's FREAKY FRIDAY, ROCKY HORROR in St. Louis and More!

7. Los Angeles, CA: Editor Don Grigware reviews Crown's NOSFERATU: A SYMPHONY IN TERROR. He says, "NOSFERATU has a dream cast. Marchak has never been better as Thomas, expressing with minimal effort, his fears, confusion and bewilderment at the lack of trust and loyalty in human nature. He really plays the innocence of the man to the hilt. Bolshakova as Ellen is loving, caring, so sweet and pretty... and dances divinely." Read more here.

8. Seattle, WA: Editor Jay Irwin reviews Sidecountry's MURDER BALLAD. He says, "Hicks starts off the show with a bang and never really relents with her high-powered, face melting voice. Morgan too has quite the powerful voice at her disposal and uses it beautifully to convey both passion and pain as her character goes through this journey. Watson delivers one of the sweetest and most lamenting moments of the show and then manages to turn on a dime from sadness to rage while still singing. And Taylor's voice is so velvet smooth you often forget his actions are not so laudable." Read more here.


Regional Roundup: Top 10 'Spooky' Stories This Week Around the Broadway World - 10/28; Signature's FREAKY FRIDAY, ROCKY HORROR in St. Louis and More!

9. South Africa: Editor David Fick previews DEAD YELLOW SANDS at Baxter Theatre. The production is described "a return to minimalism: an actor lit with sophisticatedly simple lighting telling the stories he has lived." The production comes to the Baxter following its season on the main programme of the National Arts Festival earlier this year and its Fleur du Cap Theatre Award-winning run in 2015. Read more here.

National Tour Highlight:

10. Dallas Editor Kyle West reviews THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at Bass Performance Hall. He says, "With an fresh approach to all of the technical elements, the new Phantom scenery does forgo a dash of the original magic: mystical candelabras have vanished; the grand "Masquerade" staircase is cut, and a series of towering bridges (which formerly required body doubles for the principals) no longer descends from the ceiling. But the famous chandelier and floating gondola still arrive on cue...and with a fresh coat of paint. The celebrated characters, music, and lyrics also remain appropriately intact. Having seen (and once slept) through the original "POTO" on no less than a handful of occasions, I see little value in comparing the current tour to it's older, fraternal sister. In it's newest incarnation, it seems everything old is new again." Read more here.

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