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Stars in the House
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Rachel York Talks About How She Booked Her First Broadway Show on STARS IN THE HOUSE

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Rachel York Talks About How She Booked Her First Broadway Show on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Stars in The House, benefiting The Actors Fund, continued this afternoon (2pm) with the cast of City of Angels, Gregg Edelman, Randy Graff, Dee Hoty, Kay McClelland, James Naughton, Rachel York and David Zippel. Joined by director Michael Blakemore.

James Naughton began with his audition story for CITY OF ANGELS. "I was in Williamstown doing a play and I got this call to go down and audition in New York so I got in the car and drove over the mountain to Albany and got on the train and took a train to New York and got in a cab and a bus and got to the theater and I started to read and I screwed it up. I was reading with a stage manager and I said 'would it be ok if I go back and start again." And this big white head that was Michael Blakemore kind of loomed out of the darkness and said 'yes that's alright, go back, go back and start again, but you've got the rhythm. So I went back and started again and went through it better. I got back in the cab and back on the train and back in the car and I got home to my house in Williamstown about 9 o'clock that night and this has never happened to me before or since, and I got out of the car and I walked in the door and my wife met me on the porch and she said 'they called, you got the job!'"

Dee Hoty shared her audition story next. "I was doing ME AND MY GIRL at the time on Broadway and I was called to a put-in...I was finished by 3 o'clock and I made my callback [for CITY OF ANGELS]. It was on the stage and I walked across the stage thinking, because they started doing stunt casting, that if I don't get this job they better be hiring Candy Bergen or something because this is my part! And I was right. I don't know how soon I found out but it was that week."

After, Rachel York talked about how she booked CITY OF ANGELS, her first Broadway show. "I wouldn't have gotten this audition normally but that had auditioned all of the usual suspects and they auditioned the unusual suspects and then finally I got my chance to go in there and I decided I wasn't gonna blow this so I went in prepared. They wanted a Marilyn Monroe part and I watched everything I could on Marilyn Monroe. Tried to form my character and what do you know, I got the part."

Randy Graff sang "More Than You Know" and Rachel York sang "A Piece of Sky."

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The next show will air tonight (8pm) featuring the cast of Ryan Murphy's Hollywood, David Corenswet, Darren Criss, Laura Harrier, Joe Mantello, Dylan McDermott, Jeremy Pope, Mira Sorvino, Holland Taylor and Samara Weaving. Click HERE to watch at 8pm.

Current and past episodes can be found on the website, as well as a donate button linking viewers to The Actors Fund.

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