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RIALTO CHATTER: 'LOVE NEVER DIES' Casting Breakdown Revealed


Casting rumors have been swirling regarding who will nab the leading roles in Andrew Lloyd Webber's upcoming 'Phantom: Love Never Dies', the sequel to his worldwide mega hit musical The Phantom of the Opera. The recent Equity audition casting breakdown gives a bit more insight into how the characters of the original musical have changed nearly ten years after the sad and passionate events of "Phantom". We have the scoop to share with you right here with Rialto Chatter.

Caucasian man, 35 - 40. As mysterious as ever, but thanks to his new surroundings and the private assistance of old supporters, he now enjoys the seeming freedom to walk among "the normal" as an entrepreneur in Coney Island, of all places! In fact, over the past 10 years, he's achieved a place of power and success. But he is haunted by a creative passion that once filled his heart. Must possess effortless gravitas and sexuality. Powerful rock tenor singing voice. Must be able to sing to top B flat. STARRING ROLE.

Caucasian woman, mid - late 20s. Now a semi-retired opera superstar and a mother, Christine is still gorgeous, iconic, elegant, every inch a star. Although she has a curious echo of sadness and distance about her, she must possess an equal blend of technical superiority and raw emotionality. Glorious soprano singing voice. Must be able to sing to top B flat. STARRING ROLE.

Caucasian man, 35 - 40. Christine's husband. Now a functioning, stoic alcoholic with more than a glimmer of his previous self as an affluent and handsome aristocrat. A beauty on the turn. Must possess domineering gravitas and sexuality. Powerful tenor singing voice, with an instinct for lyricism. Must be able to sing effortlessly to A flat.

Caucasian woman, mid - late 20s. Madame Giry's daughter and a Coney Island fairground star. Gothic, mystical, unusual, sweet, charming, fun; has a broken baby-doll vulnerability, edge, sexiness, and a heart of steel. Strong mezzo soprano singing voice. A spunky voice, preferably with a raspy quality, up to top F sharp (top line, treble clef). Must be able to belt as well as sing with a lyrical ability when in balladic mode.

Madame Giry:
Caucasian woman, 40 - early 50s. Intent on making things happen for her and her daughter Meg, while having attained the position of business manager to the Phantom. She thus feels entitled to prominence and distinction. She will make sure that nothing or no one gets in her way. Has much pent-up aggression, like a compressed Piaf, if you will. Solid contralto singing voice. A character voice up to D within treble clef.

Caucasian boy, 10 - 12. Seeking a child singer/ actor to play Christine's son. Must have an ethereal, other-worldly essence (Think Tim Burton-esque or Britten's "Turn of the Screw"); an innocent beauty; an off-kilter attractiveness and character. Preferably small in stature and preferably blonde. Strong boyish voice up to top F sharp. Must have good musical instincts and a keen sense of pitch.

The casting notice also describes the plot of the upcoming Phantom sequel as, "In 1907 New York, the mysterious 'Maestro' who runs the theatre at Coney Island announces a one-off concert by legendary Parisian soprano Christine Daaé. Her arrival in New York with husband Raoul, Victome de Chagny and son Gustave, and their subsequent meeting with the 'Maestro,' bring the cataclysmic events of 10 years earlier at the Paris Opera crashing back into all their lives."

To read an earlier BWW Rialto Chatter article on many of the current casting rumors click here.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Really Useful Group Limited has launched the official website for Love Never Dies, the highly anticipated sequel to The Phantom of the Opera.

Lloyd Webber recently confirmed his very active plans for Phantom: Love Never Dies, the sequel to his worldwide mega hit musical The Phantom of the Opera. To visit the new website, click here.

On Broadway, since its debut on January 26, 1988, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has grossed over $700 million, making it the highest-grossing show in Broadway history. The production has played over 8,600 performances and total New York attendance is over 12.5 million. PHANTOM became the longest-running show in Broadway history on January 9, 2006 (surpassing Cats) and has now played well over 1,000 performances and more than two and a half years since breaking that record - and all with no end in sight.

Its internationally success - equally staggering - is represented by a total worldwide box office gross of more than $5 billion, making PHANTOM the most successful entertainment venture of all time, surpassing not only any other stage production, but also far surpassing the world's highest-grossing film Titanic (at $1.2 billion) and such other blockbusters as The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park and Star Wars. Worldwide attendance is over 80 million people, having played over 65,000 performances in 25 countries and 124 cities. It's won over 50 Theater awards including 7 Tonys, and there are currently 8 productions around the world. The next international opening will be Perth, Australia in February 2009.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and is directed byHarold Prince. Lyrics are by Charles Hart (with additional lyrics by Richard Stilgoe) and the book is by Richard Stilgoe and Andrew Lloyd Webber. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has production design by the late Maria Björnson, lighting by Andrew Bridge, sound design by Mick Potter and original sound design by Martin Levan. Musical staging and choreography is by Gillian Lynne. Orchestrations are by David Cullen and Andrew Lloyd Webber.


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