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Megan Hilty Remembers WICKED With Idina Menzel & Reflects On SMASH

Megan Hilty Remembers WICKED With Idina Menzel & Reflects On SMASHRecognizable stage and screen star Megan Hilty is familiar to audiences of all different mediums thanks to her work onstage and on screens large and small and the multi-talented triple-threat opens up about her various endeavors old and new as part of a new interview.

Reflecting upon her time in mega-hit musical WICKED, Hilty shares, "Can you imagine? I made my Broadway debut opposite Idina Menzel having never done the show with other people before! It was a whole lot of new experiences at once. There were times during the show - there's a rehearsal studio in the Gershwin (Theatre) at the top of the building - and me and the other standby would go rehearse together so no one would hear us, and we'd do the scenes together, but that was about all I had before going on my first time."

Additionally, Hilty remembers, "They called me a couple of hours before the show saying Jennifer had called out. Idina walked in the dressing room and asked if I wanted to go over anything. I was so terrified. She said, 'Let's just go out and make this show our own. Let's have fun.' She could have been particular about where I should stand or what I should do, but she wasn't like that. She was really wonderful. It totally put me at ease and I was able to have fun. I don't really remember much about that night, but I was able to relax a little bit."

Futhermore, Hilty recounts fan reactions to her real-life appearance versus her TV look on SMASH and elsewhere, relaying, "People don't really understand. They think they're giving a compliment, but it's really not. 'Wow! The camera does really add a lot [of weight], because you're really tiny.' That one's a hard one to swallow."

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