IDOL WATCH:Hollywood Week

IDOL WATCH:Hollywood Week

Hollywood week continues and it was the girl's turn on tonight's episode of American Idol.

First up was a group made up of Angela Miller, Mariah Pulice and Victoria Acosta. All three girls sounded wonderful. Angela and Victoria made it through while Mariah fell short.

The solo rounds were pretty dull and uneventful with the exception of veteran contestant Candice Glover. She once again caught the attention of the judges and recieved great praise from Mariah.

Megan Miller who skipped surgery and went to her original audition on crutches was unfortunatly sent home.

Then came the group round which has been known to end in tears and fights.

The first group to perform was the Swaggettes which was made up of Candice, Melinda, Kamaria and Denise. They sang Blu Cantrell's hit Hit Em Up Style. They brought the house down and all four girls advanced to the next round.

The next group featured country singers Lauren Mink, Morgan Leigh Boberg and Brandy Hotard. Their performance was good and they all went through to the next round.

Other groups were not so lucky. The groups that followed saw only one girl advance or one girl being sent home. Deza was the only one to make it from her group and the other members were livid. Maybe they should have studied the lyrics a little harder. There was a trend of girls forgetting lyrics. One contestant even wrote lyrics on her arm.That is the number one rule during Hollywood week and a lot of girls broke it.

Kez ban, who auditioned with an original piece caused a lot of problems within her group. She refused to practice with them. She was almost late on stage and she sounded horrible. That may be due to the cold that she felt coming on. Regardless all four ladies are moving on.

The last group consisted of Brandy, Kree, Haley and Britnee. Drama unfolded when Haley decided to sleep instead of rehearsing with the group. Another member left the group without rehearsing as well. Brandy was the only one to be sent home.

In all, 72 girls have advanced to the group round. Tune in tomorrow to see the final Hollywood week episode! Check out

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