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Harvey's Broadway Blog: After The Tonys- On With The Show!


Harvey Returns! Welcome to The Return of special new series on - four time Tony Award-winner Harvey Fierstein's personal MySpace blog of bringing his brand new musical, A Catered Affair to Broadway. We'll be exclusively picking up Harvey Fierstein's blog as he shares his first hand reports from rehearsals to Opening Night (and beyond). Check back for updates as rehearsals get underway!

Well, I know it's very popular to put down the TONY AWARD SHOW but I really enjoyed it. I was thrilled that this year they allowed performances by EVERY new musical instead of wasting time having some pop-star sing some old B'way tune. And although not every award landed in the hands of the one I would have chosen, I am happy for all the winners and hope the awards are appreciated.


Yes, now that award season is over, it's back to normal for those of us who strut and fret our hour upon the wicked stage. (Well, in the case of A Catered Affair, it's more like an hour and a half).

We start our new THURSDAY MATINEE schedule in two weeks, so I'm going to enjoy all of my free days while I can. Working 6 days a week is not the easiest way to make a living, but I ain't complaining too much. We are lucky to be where we are and WE KNOW IT!


So, last week, as promised, we made a bunch of TV appearances. Here are a couple of backstage photos from the rehearsal leading up to REGIS AND KELLY. And I gotta tell you kids, Kelly is such a doll. What a total dream to work with. And, of course, Regis is a total pro and makes an appearance on his show a joy.

John Bucchino, composer of our show, accompanied me on the piano. Here we are playing with Regis' cue cards.

Rehearsing the number.

Our press agent, Rick Miramontez, shot this from the dressing room monitor. Almost like being at home, wouldn't you say?


We've begun a poker game in our very own theater in my very own dressing room.

Katie Klaus is the newest player to the game, but here she is pushing in her stack for an ALL IN MOMENT.

And one look at CAVENAUGH'S face will tell you that the move worked. He backed down and gave her his money!


Here are a few cute photos to share of folks visiting backstage after performances...


MICHAEL KOORS cried like a baby at the show. What a sweet man!

Broadway legends LEROY REEMS and DONNA Mc KECHNIE had a sit down. That's our own Leslie Kritzer with them, just in case you didn't recognize my beauty girl.

And this is DANNY our FLY MAN. He's no celebrity, but I wouldn't chase him out of my dressing room. Would you?

And as long as I'm sharing family photos, here's Tom Wopat with our Associate Director Adam Hunter. Ain't they a cute couple?


Well, as we all know, right after the TONYS the Broadway shows get a real shake-up. Some hunker down for the summer tourist onslaught. Others decide it's time to pack up and ship out.

This year, with the economy and gas prices threatening entertainment dollars, I hear that Broadway ticket sales are already down 9% across the board. Not sure what that means for Broadway as a whole, or for us in particular. But whatever happens, I am thrilled that we got to put on the show we wanted to put on and give our audience an alternative to the usual musical fare.

I hope as many as you can get to see the show as want. We will be taping the show this week for the LINCOLN CENTER PERFORMING ARTS LIBRARY COLLECTION, but they don't let the general public see those tapes. So if you want to see us... get your butts over to the WALTER KERR THEATER and bring your tissues!!!!

Since we have been outgrossing most shows on the great white way for months now, I assume we will be just fine, but it don't hurt to hurry over just in case... Hey, you never know in our business.

I will, of course, keep you up to date on ALL DEVELOPMENTS right here. So... as always...


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