Dreamscape Theatre Company Annouces its 2005 season

It's been said that desperate times call for desperate measures. Nowhere is this more evident than in the trials undertaken by the protagonists of the three plays presented during Dreamscape's Theatre's Season on the Edge. Dark works all, (some more humorous than others), each tale follows an individual pushed to the limit by outside forces, resulting in an desperate attempt to ease the torments within. 


The three shows, presented in repertory, will be performed at Manhattan Theatre Source, located at

177 MacDougal Street
, beginning May 26th and running through June 19th.


The Season on the Edge begins with Sophie Treadwell's 1928 drama MACHINAL, a searing indictment against society and the technological explosion of the early 20th Century. As the world moves faster and faster, people are expected to make ever-quicker decisions, both in their personal lives and their professional ones. Woe to those who cannot keep up the pace, as one woman finds out - to her ultimate sorrow. Feeling trapped on an endless treadmill and just wanting to slow down, she instead finds the pressures ratcheting up wherever she turns. Her eventual explosion might be seen as a desperate cry for help, but the consequences of such an act will be very dire indeed. Expressionistic in style and unflinching in its critique, the play is an undeniable modern masterpiece. (Various works since, from Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times to The Twilight Zone, have echoed these themes.) Directed by Morgan Anne Zipf, MACHINAL will run from May 26th - June 19th and will be performed on the following dates: Thursday, May 26th at 8pm, Sunday, May 29th at 8pm, Saturday, June 4th at 8pm, Friday, June 10th at 8pm, Sunday, June 12th at 1pm & 8pm, Friday, June 17th at 8pm and Sunday, June 19th at 1pm.


Next up is a fresh take on Shakespeare's classic tragedy, HAMLET. The melancholy Prince of Denmark, already an uneasy sort, is further unnerved by a ghostly visit from his recently deceased father, who relates that he was murdered - by the man who married his wife (Hamlet's mother) and who now sits upon the throne. These revelations cause the now-angry Prince to embark on a meticulous plan of revenge, but in the process, he finds himself going perhaps too far in the name of justice - at the cost of his very soul. The play will be performed in the round with a cast of nine. Directed by Ross Williams, Hamlet will run from May 27th to June 15th and perform on the following dates: Friday, May 27th at 8pm, Wednesday, June 1st at 8pm, Friday, June 3rd at 8pm, Saturday, June 4th at 1pm, Thursday, June 9th at 8pm, Saturday, June 11th at 1pm & 8pm and Wednesday, June 15th at 8pm


Finally, Dreamscape presents the world premiere of TINY DYNAMITE, a combination farce and tragedy, and a play which the author, (and former Dreamscape Theatre actor) Richard Lovejoy, has described as "The Feel-Bad Comedy of the Year." One New Year's morning, having had enough of her empty and disappointing life, twentysomething Liz decides she will end her existence on December 31st, giving her only one year to get her life in order. However no matter how hard Liz tries to make things better, she just can't seem to help falling into the same old trap of drinking, partying and just pissing people off. As the months and weeks count down, one gets the feeling of watching a train careening faster and faster downhill, almost certain to derail - with both very comic, and very tragic results. Directed by Dreamscape Producing Artistic Director Brad Raimondo, TINY DYNAMITE will run from May 28th to June 18th and be performed on the following dates: Saturday, May 28th at 1pm & 8pm, Thursday, June 2nd at 8pm, Wednesday, June 8th at 8pm, Thursday, June 16th at 8pm and Saturday, June 18th at 1pm & 8pm. TINY DYNAMITE is being produced in association with The Legitimate Theatre Company.


Dreamscape is perhaps New York's only non-profit theatre dedicated to the importance of the director and recognizing the director not only as an interpreter of a play, but as the leader of the troupe that brings a play to life. As a result, Dreamscape strives with every project they undertake to foster an atmosphere in which the director can express his or her individual aesthetic ideas and unique skill-set to guide the collaboration and lead the ensemble that will make a play come alive. Dreamscape had its genesis in the winter of 2002 as a conversation between two theatre students at New YorkUniversity's TischSchool of the Arts and made its public debut in August of that year with its production of Macbeth.


MACHINAL, HAMLET and TINY DYNAMITE will take place at Manhattan Theatre Source, located at

177 MacDougal Street
(between 5th & 6th Avenues) off of
8th Street
. (Closest subway stop:
West 4th Street
6th Avenue
). Tickets are $15.00 for one show, $25.00 for two shows and $30.00 for all three shows. Students: $10.00 per performance, or $20.00 for all three shows. Reservations: (212) 577-2642. Each of the plays is an Equity Showcase.


Please Note: The theatre is not wheelchair accessible.

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