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Disney Gives Good Book!

To say the words "Disney" and "Broadway" in the same breath, you invite the kind of passionate discussions usually reserved for politics or religion.  But no matter what any of us thinks, one thing is clear – Disney is here to stay and taste is a very personal thing.  Families love going to the theatre together and Broadway should always offer something for everyone. Disney has filled an enormous gap that, previously, only shows like LES MISERABLES or THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA filled (pre-HAIRSPRAY, WICKED, etc.) 

Disney also has a publishing arm and has recently put out two quite enjoyable books:  HOW DOES THE SHOW GO ON? (An Introduciton To The Theater) and MARY POPPINS: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IF YOU LET IT.  Both lavish and both excellent investments, especially if purchased at amazon.com, which offers both titles at quite a discount. 

Disney Gives Good Book!HOW DOES THE SHOW GO ON? (An Introduction To The Theater) is the brainchild of and authored by Thomas Schumacher and Jeff Kurtti (Disney Editions) and I can honestly, without reservation, tell you that this is a "must-have" collectible book that will be handed down for generations to come.   

There has never been anything like this and it's sort of surprising when you actually think about it. Schumacher's passion and association with the Disney organization and its resources combined to give us this extraordinarily generous cornucopia of a book.  To open its front flaps is to open the doors to the magical world of the theatre and, in this case, the Disney musicals.   

They're all here:  BEAUTY & THE BEAST, AIDA, The Lion King, TARZAN and MARY POPPINS and, although this book was created for and aimed at young people, as an "introduction" …. it's fascinating for fans of all ages, including adults.  And, I might add, the perfect book to look at, read and "play with" together.   

The book is amazingly "interactive" … Script pages, tickets, a PLAYBILL, sketches, stories, rehearsal pictures, production photos and more.  Everything that goes on in the theatre itself, the rehearsal process, casting, scenic design, recording, lighting design, costumes …. everything! It's just magical …. truly wonderful.  There was never a book like this one when I was growing up and first fell in love with the theatre. 

Buying this book is a "no-brainer" and I can't think of a more thoughtful or generous gift to share with anyone who you might want to introduce to the theatre or someone who is already in love with it.   

I hope libraries and schools everywhere will add this book to their collections.   

Taking what was a "kernel" of an idea and turning it into this glorious book is a real "feather" in Schumacher's already overloaded cap. It's beautifully executed and very much the kind of "IMAGINEERING" Disney built its "house" on. 

Disney Gives Good Book!Disney Gives Good Book!Disney Gives Good Book!Disney Gives Good Book!Disney Gives Good Book! five stars (out of 5)
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Disney Gives Good Book!MARY POPPINS: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IF YOU LET IT by Brian Sibley and Michael Lassell (Disney Editions) is actually made up of three different books - beautifully designed and executed, in an extremely handsome hardcover edition, worthy of any coffee table. 

The different folios make up a sort of "from page to stage" or "making of" covering the journey of the original P.L. Travers books from the '30's, to the pursuit of the properties for the Walt Disney film, which starred Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke and then to the Cameron Mackintosh/Disney stage version that played in London and is currently playing on Broadway. 

Everything you could imagine is here:  sketches, design, fabric, costumes, sets, pictures, illustrations … and plenty to read. 

This is a wonderful book (books) and especially meaningful for anyone who has seen and loves this musical, the film or theatre history, design and craft. 

Disney Gives Good Book!Disney Gives Good Book!Disney Gives Good Book!Disney Gives Good Book!Disney Gives Good Book! five stars (out of 5)
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