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Director Of Moscow's State Theater Resigns In Protest Of Ukraine Invasion

The Department Of Culture has issued guidelines that speaking out against the invasion will be considered an act of treason.

Elena Kovalskaya, the Director of Moscow's Vsevolod Meyerhold State Theater and Cultural Center has resigned in protest of Russia's invasion in Ukraine.

In a post shared on Facebook, she wrote "Friends, in protest against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, I'm leaving my post as Director of Moscow's Vsevolod Meyerhold State Theater and Cultural Center. It's impossible to work for a murderer and collect a salary from him."

Meanwhile, Moscow's Mayakovsky Theater has forbidden its actors from making any comments regarding the invasion. In a note shared to social media they wrote "The theater management is imploring you to refrain from ANY comments regarding the military actions in Ukraine. Otherwise you will let down the Theatre. According to information received from Department of Culture, any negative comments will regarded as treason."

The invasion is ongoing, with reports that Russian forces have moved into the Capital City of Kiev. As of this morning, per media reports, Russian forces had overtaken the city's airport - and fighting was ongoing throughout the region.

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