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Chicago Theater Introduces Shakespeare Showdown

Chicago Theater Introduces Shakespeare ShowdownThe Chicago Shakespeare Theater has caught March Madness fever and introduced a witty and winning new contest for fans of the Bard: the Shakespeare Showdown.

Stratford enthusiasts are still encouraged to fill out the brackets with various elements from all recognized Shakespeare plays and choose the characters and plays you love best in order to name the ultimate champ just for fun, though the official contest has now ended.

The four main sections of play on the scorecard itself are sequestered and titled as such: "Heroes & Villains", "Ladies & Lovers", "Spirits & Sidekicks" and "Kings & Queens". The center portion of the scorecard attributed to the big winner is, of course, "Bard's Best".

Contestants vied for the chance to win prizes like tickets for four to see productions of OTHELLO: THE REMIX and HENRY VIII later this year at the well-respected Chicago venue.

Stay tuned, because the winner of the Shakespeare Showdown will be announced on April 16 and voting is still open at the official Facebook page here.

The possibilities are nearly endless, with 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 options for how to fill out the form!

Check out the official site for the competition here.

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