BroadwayGirlNYC: Thank YOU

BroadwayGirlNYC: Thank YOU

Happy Thanksgiving!  I've loved spending this year with you, and it seemed only fitting to share some specific thanks, along with the stories that inspire them.  I'm so thrilled to be heading into the Winter and continuing another amazing theatre season, along with all of you.

I'm thankful that Broadway is wonderful every time of the year.

I'm grateful to continue to have my mind blown by incredible productions of favorite works!

I give thanks for the theatre-makers who go the extra mile to change the world.
I appreciate organizations like that provide valuable services to everyone in the theatre community!
I'm so happy that Broadway productions are increasingly showing appreciation for their fans, and the value of social media!
I'm thankful that great works continue to inspire new audiences even after a quarter-century or more.
I am so incredibly grateful to the performers who engage with fans online, allowing us to feel our love for Broadway reflected right back at us.
I love the theatrical history that is all around me, every time I enter a Broadway theatre.
I'm thankful for the Broadway characters that have given me so much insight about myself.
More than I can say, I appreciate theatre that breaks my heart and in doing so, inspires action.
I am thankful for The Tony Awards... the silly creativity they inspire while we prepare for the big night... and all the fun we have celebrating our favorite night of the year!!
I am grateful for the fates that bring me to see the right show at just the right moment!
I am so, so, so thankful for the people who spend their time making theatre and are never in the spotlight.
I'm so happy to be able to see theatre through the eyes of those discovering it for the first time.
I'm grateful for the MUSIC!
I'm thankful for all of those who forgave me (I hope) the one time I was late to a Broadway show
I give thanks for the books and videos that keep my theatre-loving brain occupied in the hours between shows!!
I am thankful every single day for my twitter lovelies and the completely entertaining conversations they inspire.
And mostly -- mostly I am beyond grateful to be here, engaged in the medium I've loved since I was a child, along with all of you.

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