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BroadwayGirlNYC: #MyThreeShowtunes Contest

Hello, lovelies!

I've been digging through my Broadway prize box -- where I collect show merchandise, theatre-relatedbooks, cast albums, and other goodies.  It is overflowing!  Which means only one thing: 

It's time for another BroadwayGirlNYC contest.
This contest will be a creative one.  It's going to take some effort to win this package.  But trust me, it will be worth it!
Writers and creative thinkers, this one's for you.
Step 1) Tweet me the phrase Hey @BroadwayGirlNYC! Give me #MyThreeShowtunes!
Step 2) I will tweet you back the names of three showtunes, chosen from a list of 30 from specially-selected, well known musicals.  These three songs become the Original Cast Album of a new musical, conceived and written by YOU.
Step 3) You create an original story that connects the songs with a storyline that incorporates all three.  You can use the songs in any order you like, and the story can be as long or as short as you want.
Step 4) You email the story to by 11:59pm Eastern on Monday, March 19.  
Step 5) I will post my favorite stories in my column on Thursday, March 22.  Once the finalists are posted, voting will take place via twitter using the hashtag #MyThreeShowtunes along with the twitter ID of the author.  Voting will go until midnight (Eastern) on Sunday, March 25.
Step 6) One author will win a grand prize of the biggest & best Broadway prize pack I've ever given away!  Runner-up prizes will be awarded at my discretion to other stories that I deem particularly worthy.  Everyone else will have the pleasure of knowing they created an original #MyThreeShowtunesmusical.
Here is an example of my very own example of such a story.
My Three Showtunes: 

LITTLE RED, age 19
CHITA, Red's mom
MR. USNAVI WOLF, about 40
DANIELA, Vanessa's Grandma


Little Red!  Take this bread and bring it to your grandma’s house.

Are you kidding me?  It’s freezing out there.  And there’s a Gristedes on the corner by her apartment.  Can’t she ger her own bread there?

You know she’s gluten free now.  I spent three hours figuring out how to get the stupid dough to rise.  And I spent $50 on this, so if you’re cold, wear it –

[Passes Red a Billy Elliot hooded sweatshirt

[RED puts on the sweatshirt and leaves with a reusable shopping bag that contains the bread.  She’s on her way to the subway when she passes Wolf’s Deli on the corner.  Outside sorting bunches of flowers is Usnavi, who runs the store.  He has an animalistic quality about him and is creepy, but attractive.]

Hi there Red.  Where’re you headed?

Hello Usnavi… I mean, Mr. Wolf.  I’m taking this bread to my Grandma downtown… she’s on this G-free kick.  No wheat products of any kind.  So you-know-who gets to play delivery girl three times a week.  I’m actually moving down there so we can spend some time together, but in the mean time, the trek…

You’re good to do it.  You’re sweet to do it.  Swwwweet.  [He steps back, watches her as she looks at the fruit salad selection sitting in ice in front of the store]


[She descends the staircase into the subway station, a bouquet of flowers now sticking up out of the shopping bag that also contains the bread.]

LITTLE RED [sitting in a subway car, addressing the audience]
That Usnavi Wolf.  When I was a kid I always called him the Wolfman.  He has always given me the shivers.  But lately that hasn’t been entirely a bad thing.   Over the last couple of weeks he’s been doing little things, like giving my extra cheese on my egg sandwich and not charging for it, or suddenly stocking raw sugar when I mentioned off-hand that I was done using chemical sweetners in my coffee.  He’s obvs too old for me, but somehow… something… I can’t get him out of my mind…


[LITTLE RED runs up the subway stairs, looking frazzled, holding the bag with the flowers & the bread.  She approaches an apartment building and presses a buzzer.]

DANIELA [over the intercom]
Red!! It’s amazing!!  How did you ever do this?

I’m sorry I’m late – er, what?  What is amazing?  I didn’t do… what?  Can you buzz me in?

Of course dear – [the buzzer goes, she enters]

[LITTLE RED enters GRANDMA’S apartment.  It is filled with baskets that are filled with bread, crackers, cupcakes, noodles and other carbs, all labeled Gluten Free.]

What is all this?!

As if you didn’t know!!  Only you would have put something like this together.  And here I thought you were secretly annoyed by the new wheat-free lifestyle.

I’m… I mean, I…

[She picks up a basket and turns it around.  A label is revealed that says WOLF’S DELI & CATERING.]

…You’re welcome, Grandma!!  [They embrace]

[LITTLE RED runs up the subway stairs in her own neighborhood.  This time, her reusable shopping bag is weighed down with a glass bottle.  She runs right to WOLF’S DELI, where she finds Usnavi.]


Too late? No, you’re just in time. 

[He pops the champagne, takes a swig, and hands her the bottle.]


[His mouth connects with her neck.  She swoons.]



*****UPDATE: Read the 5 finalists and cast your vote for the winner here!!*****

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