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Back On Broadway: 12 Year Old Actor Richard Phillips Talks Starring in the Broadway Revival of CAROLINE, OR CHANGE


Richard Phillips is the alternate for the roles of both Jackie and Joe in the Broadway revival of Caroline, or Change.

BroadwayWorld's new interview series Back on Broadway is taking readers on the exciting journey of Broadway's return to the stage! Featuring interviews with cast and creative team members of Broadway's returning shows, Back on Broadway will highlight how members of Broadway shows are preparing for live performances, what they've learned from the last year and half, what is most exciting to them about Broadway's long-awaited return, and much more!

Next up in the series is Richard Phillips, one of the youngest actors on Broadway right now, and the alternate for the roles of both Jackie and Joe in the Broadway revival of Caroline, or Change.

Caroline, or Change

How does it feel to be back on stage after so long? Are you excited to be back?

It's a sensation of nervousness and excitement because it's been about two years, and I'm excited to be with a show that's opening up after about 18 years.

Absolutely, it's super exciting that Caroline, or Change is back on Broadway. When you first got back and started running the show, were you nervous? Or was it like riding a bicycle?

It definitely felt like riding a bicycle!

Do you remember what your first day back at rehearsals was like?

Our first day of rehearsal was really just getting to know everybody and getting to know the ropes of how the show works, and the music. But it was also having lots of fun, meeting new castmates, it was really exciting and very fun.

What's your favorite thing about performing in Caroline, or Change?

In terms of favorite songs and moments, I'd say my favorite song in the show is 'Salty Teardrops'. But I have come to an understanding that the show tells a story of what it was like back then, and it tells the story of a maid, and a Jewish family, and the struggles of the people of color back then. And I'm really grateful for the experience because it has helped me learn, and it will help others learn too.

You are such a successful performer, and you're so young! What does it feel like to be so successful at your age? Is performing something you want to do forever?

Definitely! When I first started, my goal was to change people's worlds and make them happy, and the perk was just doing what I love.

It's lucky to get to do what you love every day! What's your favorite thing about being a performer in general?

My favorite thing about being a performer is probably getting to know new shows, and getting to know the stories, and making all these new friends, and again, changing people's worlds. Because you never know if people might be going through something, and a Broadway show could change their world and let them see a whole new perspective.

What are you most excited for now that Broadway is back?

I think the thing I'm most excited for is being able to gather around to see Broadway shows again. Because of COVID, Broadway shut down, and now that it's open again, it's like all the shows are opening for the first time, which gives us a sense of exhilaration, being able to know that, "Oh, I saw this show on opening night!" and, "Oh, this show was amazing!" That even though it's been two years, it's as magical as it was before.

Do you feel any differently after the last two years, after living through a pandemic?

If I'm being honest, it feels a little strange, but I'm so excited to actually have physical interaction with other people!

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