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BWW JR: Take Two Film Academy

BWW JR: Take Two Film Academy


One of the most common questions I get from readers is "can you recommend an acting class for my child?"  I never have an answer, because as readers of this column know, my Young Lady is happiest backstage (or behind the camera) and my Little Guy is too little to take acting class.  But now I can finally say we've experienced something that I can recommend.  Last winter, as a Hanukah gift to my daughter, my husband and I purchased a 3-class Film production workshop at Take Two Film Academy, and now my daughter wants to go back!

I was initially apprehensive about the long hours....the class met for three Saturdays in a row for five hours.  We had to pack a lunch and I wondered how the folks at Take two were going to hold the kids' interest for that long.  It turns out I had nothing to worry about.  The kids arrive with ideas about what kind of movie they want to make, and they immediately become so immersed in the art of filmmaking, the time flies by.


Here's how it works: you pack a lunch and your child comes up with an idea for a film.  The kids then work in teams to write, act, shoot and edit their own short films.  Yes, I warned the academy in advance that my daughter would not be comfortable in front of the camera, but she surprised us all by stepping up and taking a role in her debut film, "The Evil Elevator"!  Every student is invited to participate in all aspects or just the areas that interest them, and by the end of each workshop the kids have made something they're really proud of.

Each workshop includes use of professional filmmaking equipment, guidance from real professional NYC film makers and editors, the opportunity to work on Mac lab with Final Cut Pro, access to a green screen room (and boy did the kids in my daughter's class have a field day with THAT!), a DVD reel of your child's final film, an online upload to share with friends and family and submission to New York Children's International Film Festival.


I know, I're probably DYING to see "The Evil Elevator".  This comic thriller is the collaboration of three kids, ages 8-14, and was created during 3 sessions over three weeks.  Spielberg, watch your back! 


For more information on Take Two Film academy, visit their website:

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