BWW INTERVIEWS: Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess Of Love Never Dies At The OLIVIERS 2010

Miriam Zendle talks to the two most talked-about musical theatre stars in the West End...

Have you had a good evening?

Sierra Boggess: Oh yeah, so good!

Ramin Karimloo: Amazing! It's been fun for us, it's been an honour. But look at the great actors here as well, lots of people we look up to.

Have you been to the Oliviers before?

Both: No!

Sierra: That's what's so exciting for me. I came over from New York to do Love Never Dies, so getting to do all the cool things you get to do in the West End is so much fun and to see all these West End actors I just adore. It's just really exciting.

What was your favourite moment from tonight?

Ramin: For me it was Mark Rylance's speech, I think it was beautifully worded and really nice how he brought up what we do is about the fun and enjoyment, about bringing it back, words about that, not just a competition. I thought, that's a great attitude to have, a man of his status, at his level.

Normally, he reads prose poetry at award ceremonies, doesn't he?

Sierra: Yes! And I was on Broadway at the same time he was, doing Boeing Boeing, and I was there when he accepted his Drama Desk and he read this hilarious prose. Everybody was just like 'is it a joke?' He gave a laugh to that tonight, saying 'I didn't write any poetry tonight'. He really spoke from his heart.

How are you settling into the run with Love Never Dies?

Sierra: My voice is good, I'm speaking! It's hardcore but I take care of it. We both just sort of chill out after a show and try and not speak as much as we can during the day. We take care of ourselves.

How is not speaking during the day. I can't imagine doing that?

Sierra: Well, not not speaking all day long, but I am just very careful. I just try and take care of myself.

There's been a crazy critical and personal reaction to the show. Do you pay attention to any of that?

Ramin: I guess I saw a bit of it beforehand. You can't not be aware of it, but you know what, the audience are standing every night. I see people devastated by the story, they're getting the story more than what I experienced from the first Phantom. That's your best critics, there. And at the end of the day, our show is four weeks old, so there's no settling yet at this point. It's still breathing, we're still expanding. It's going from strength to strength right now.

How long are you guys contracted for?

Ramin: I have a year contract.

So will you be partying on into the night or going home and relaxing?

Sierra: Going home! We have to do the show tomorrow. Partying with us doesn't happen at all.

Ramin: You can't with these roles, unfortunately, you've got to be smart. Like you said, this is a 'too-big' sing. For eight shows a week, as long as you take care of yourself, you'll be okay.

This must also provide quite a valuable opportunity to see what's going on with London theatre as you can't have much time when in a show yourself?

Sierra: Absolutely, that's what's so exciting about tonight, getting to stand up and clap for Maggie Smith, it's like, we're part of honouring her right now. It's so cool to get to celebrate what we do and just remind ourselves that showbusiness is an awesome business to be in.

Finally, are you excited about the Hair cast coming over and bringing an American presence to the West End?

Sierra: I know a couple of people in the cast, so that'll be really fun. That will be really fun for me to get to hang out with some other Americans and enjoy Broadway in the West End. Just joining it all together. It's good.

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