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BWW Blog: Stephanie Martignetti in Broadway's NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT - A Day (or 2) in the Life!

Wednesday started as a grey, rainy day…which meant I got to wear my new rain boots! It's the little things in life right? I LOVE them! They are Tretorn, light weight and lined with furry material (so comfy!).

It was a pretty regular Wednesday matinee. Everyone is a little stiffer on afternoon shows as can be seen by my picture of Sam Sturm with her trusty heating pad.

After the show I grabbed a quick meal and headed to Physical Therapy. PT is honestly something I look forward to. It's so nice to have Jessica, our physical therapist, in the building with the table set up and waiting to help with our many ailments. And frankly, who doesn't love a back or foot massage?

After PT was naptime in the girls' dressing room. Then I layered on some more makeup, put some pin curls in and did show number 2!

Thursday I spent the morning hanging at home with my roommate's dog, Radley. He's my bud. Radley and I enjoyed some couch time and Wendy Williams. How You Doin?
After Wendy gave me the 411 on celebrity gossip I headed down to Chelsea for a voice lesson with Matt Farnsworth. I really could not adore that man any more. I feel like my technique has grown and evolved exponentially since I started training with him. Plus he's fun and not too hard on the eyes! So, lessons are always a treat.

I spent dinner with Julie Kotarides. We ate at some tasty but somewhat overpriced Italian joint in midtown, where Film Center Café used to be. By the way, why did Film Center Café close anyway? Does anyone remember their fruit salad that came in half a pineapple? Delicious! Explain to me how that didn't have staying power!

Anyway, after dinner I had the pleasure of introducing Julie to Schmackary's. She was out of town doing Surf the Musical in Vegas, so she has missed the craze, but don't worry she is now fully on board. For those of you who have yet to indulge, Schmackary's is a new bakery, on the corner of 45th and 9th , that specializes in outrageously tasty cookies. They also have some other treats in the form oF Brownies and bars. I must say, the red velvet cookie I had was quite yummy. Sch'mores is also a personal fave as well. And this blog has officially become a restaurant review. Seriously though, these are highlights of the day people!
We had a great audience Thursday night. Fun as always.

For post show drinks a bunch of the cast and I made our way to the Irish Rogue to send off Ryan Watkinson. Ryan and I have been friends forever. We met at a summer theater program when we were 14, then were in the same class at Penn State and have been close from the beginning. Now after recently closing his 5th Broadway show, he has decided to move to London for the next 2 ½ years to pursue a Masters degree in acting. I mean, who doesn't need a break from the monotony of a crazy successful Broadway career? Seriously though, it's so cool and brave that he is doing that. I'm actually pretty jealous because I love it over there and sort of wish I was a British person. Let's be honest, everything sounds better with the accent. And on that note….Pip, pip cheerio till Wednesday!

Samantha Sturm with her heating pad. Kristen Beth being hilarious in the background


Rainboots outside the dressing room

Robert Hartwell getting some physical therapy from Jessica

Nap time in between shows

Radley chillin on the couch


Voice lesson with Matt Farnsworth

Julie Kotarides at dinner




Classmates and dear friends. Casey Tuma, Ryan Watkinson, Addi McDaniel (go see her as the girl in the Fantasticks) and me

Zoey's Playlist on NBC

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