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BWW Blog: Kelly McCormick of PTC's LES MISERABLES - Great Junk Food!

When people ask me why I love Salt Lake City as much as I do, I usually reply, "Amazing outdoor life, a thriving creative community, and great junk food." Emphasis on the latter. For the record, I am not including in this category all of the amazing home-baked goodies that our very own Mary Driggs brings in on what seems like a weekly basis (and thank goodness for the hiking in the Wasatch Mountains to burn off all those cupcakes!). Only here have I had things like deep-fried scones (!), HawaiIan Haystack, Apple Beer, and Hires Big H. If you grew up in the Midwest, like I did, you probably know Hires Root Beer - it was my favorite pop (Yes, that's what we called it. Laugh away), available at any grocery store. How thrilling to know that their flagship restaurant, an old-fashioned burger joint where everything is made from scratch daily, is right here in Utah!

A few evenings ago, after a show, a bunch of PTC Les Mizzers went down to Hires for some late-night burgers and fries . . . and ended up running into Bryn Terfel! You know, as you do. He was there with his rep from Deutsche Grammophone and the President of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Clearly, someone had gotten the memo about SLC's great junk food.

It turns out that Mr Terfel was in town to record a new album with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (or "MoTab," as it's called by the locals). He would also be singing three songs from this album during the special Mother's Day live broadcast of "Music and the Spoken Word," the world's longest continuing network broadcast (the first was in 1929!). Bryn (since we're on a first-name basis now) and his entourage asked if we'd like to be their special guests for the Sunday program. Of course the answer was a resounding, "YES!"

We arrived at 8:45 Sunday morning to find that three pews had been reserved for our group. Before the broadcast began, we, among other special guests, were announced and asked to stand and be recognized by the audience. As a side note, Mitt Romney, who was there and had been schmoozing before the concert began, wasn't asked to stand and be recognized! Now who's fancy? We settled in for a half-hour of inspirational music, beautifully sung and spectacularly produced. After we were off the air, Bryn was asked to turn and face the choir as they sung their traditional closing song, "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again." What an incredibly moving end to the morning - we were all misty-eyed.

So I guess my list of favorite things about Salt Lake needs revision: add to it "celebrity sightings." Wishing you all a week full of music, inspiration and great junk food!

Mary Driggs Amazing Cupcakes!

Cupcakes for Birthday Girl Maggie Scott (a Little Cosette).

L-R: Jeffrey Scott Stevens (Ensemble), Billy Haggee (Ensemble), Chad Coudriet (Ensemble), Brigham Inkley (a Gavroche), Lindsea Garside (Ensemble), Madison Mitchell (Ensemble), and Melissa Mitchell (Cosette) at Hires Big H.

Manna Nichols (Eponine) discovers the joy of a Big H Combo!

This looks delicious. It's mine now! Ashley Gardner Carlson steals Jeffrey Scott Stevens' Banana split . . . for obvious reasons. Yummy!

Star Sighting! Lez Mizzers meet Bryn Terfel. L-R: Chad Coudriet (Ensemble); Kevin Vortmann (Enjolras); Josh Davis (Javert); Jeffrey Scott Stevens (Ensemble); Bryn Terfel (Opera Star); Perry Sherman (Marius); Michael Jablonski (Grantaire); Erik Agle (Ensemble); Mary Driggs (Ensemble); Billy Haggee (Ensemble); Sarah Killough (Ensemble); Dara Hartman (Ensemble); Lauren Rathbun (crew); Matt Stokes (Ensemble).

We love our seats! L-R (front): Chad Coudriet (Ensemble); Erik Agle (Ensemble); Michael Jablonski (Grantaire); Josh Davis (Javert); Darren Cohen (MD); Christianne Tisdale (Mme. Thenardier); David Spencer (Bishop). 2nd Row: John Stokes (guest); Matt Stokes (Ensemble); Dale Hensley (Thenardier). 3rd Row: Madison Mitchell (guest); Melissa Mitchell (Cosette); Manna Nichols (Eponine).

The broadcast is about to begin! Live in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

Post-concert smiles all around! L-R: Ashley Gardner Carlson (Ensemble); Anne Stewart Mark (Ensemble); Michael Jablonski (Grantaire); David Spencer (Bishop); Darren Cohen (MD); Mary Driggs (Ensemble); Matt Stokes (Ensemble); Billy Hagee (Ensemble); Melissa Mitchell (Cosette) John Stokes (Guest); Christianne Tisdale (Mme. Thenardier); Josh Davis (Javert); Kelly McCormick (Fantine); Chad Coudriet (Ensemble); Lindsea Garside (Ensemble); Manna Nichols (Eponine); Erik Agle (Ensemble); Perry Sherman (Marius); Dale Hensley (Thenardier).

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