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BWW Blog: First Time Choreographing Tap!

BWW Blog: First Time Choreographing Tap!

Hi! So this week was particularly eventful for many reasons oh my goodness! First of all, rehearsals for Spring Awakening began Monday night, and I'm so thrilled to be involved, it looks like it's going to be pretty incredible based on the first read-through and design presentation. During the first rehearsal, I copied Bryan McAdam's score notes into my copy so I can keep them updated. Today (and the rest of this week), is for learning music before Spring Break so blocking can start right when we return, so I'll have a lot to do with note taking and plunking out parts for people who can't be at rehearsal. I'm just happy to get to spend time with my friends and get an insider scoop on what mainstage productions are like before hopefully getting to be in some in the coming semesters.

Classes are quite busy right now. I'm still assistant teaching the Tap 1 section on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and even got asked by one of the students in that class for extra help on Friday. It's a whole different skill to be able to break down and explain steps to other people, not just myself, but I'm figuring it out. Taking Tap 1 last semester definitely made that easier though, since it's still fresh in my brain. I have a Tap 2 level up (test) on Thursday, and while the new combinations aren't terribly difficult, I'm so brain dead by the end of class that I struggle remembering what comes next. Sometimes I forget to eat lunch before this class which doesn't help, but today I had some peanut butter and pretzels beforehand so at least I had a little protein to push through. I'm still loving tap; Kirsten and I met this Saturday morning to begin choreographing the rest of the "No Man" combination for our honors contract. I was nervous to work together on it because we're both very type A, but it went very smoothly and I'm obsessed with what we've come up with so far, watch below!. On Monday, I taught the new eight counts to Alexa in my dance tutoring session, so now we only have three more people to teach. Kirsten and I really want to get our professor, Ashlee, to perform with us, but we'll see about that.

After meeting with Kirsten, I went to the next meeting for the Freshman Showcase. About two thirds of us made it to the meeting with enough representation from each voice part, so we went through all the ensemble parts of "A New World" and sang through it a bunch of times together. Thank goodness for Kathryn, she is seriously coming through and is helping so much. I'm still very optimistic about the shape of this showcase. I still don't know what I plan on doing for the other half of my four minutes, since for two of them I'm singing a duet with Alaina, but we shall see. We're going to meet after spring break to show everyone what we've settled on.

On Saturday, I drive with Bre to Wilson, where my parents are picking me up to go to the Outer Banks for Spring Break. Next week I'll be presumably at the beach, getting off book for my films that shoot once we return, and preparing my French song to sing in Studio class. This week I'm also supposed to hear back from some summer stock places, so lots to look forward to!

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